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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Careful what you wish for.

Hi Friends from around the world.

Not long to go now, I hope your all ready for Christmas Day and then the New Year. I am pretty much sorted out now and then once I have my bread etc, that will be it I will not be venturing out until Christmas Day for our dinner. I am not one for shopping at the last minute, when it is crowded, yesterday was nice in Leicester because we were just browsing. I am now glad we went yesterday, because it is chaos on the roads today.I asked for it and now I have got it wooooooo hooooooo. Yes at 4am this morning, we were woken up by what sounded like golf balls landing on the roof of the back cabin. Keith opened the back cabin doors to see snow falling finally in Market Marborough. Today was always going to be busy, with people wanting coal for Christmas, so having got up and done all the usual morning jobs, I then had to go out and clear the snow off of the holds sheeting and on the towpath. I need to be safe when lifting coal off of the boat and Keith needs to be safe on the towpath to receive the coal from me. So I swept the towpath alongside the boat and sprinkled salt on the ice to melt it. It was not long before our first customer arrived for his coal and then another customer came from Welford to pick up some coal. It is always nice to see people we supply fuel to, we got to have a chat and wish them all the very best for Christmas. We hope that come the New Year we will be able to deliver to them on the water, but it is not looking hopeful at the moment.It is a snowy scene here today, which makes everything feel more festive. The waterfowl are not to impressed with the conditions though. A Robin has finally found our food, which we have put out for the birds. I am hoping to get a photograph of it on the bird feeders.
Whilst waiting for customers to arrive for the coal, I have made a Mince Beef and Potato layer for dinner tonight, it is ready to go in the back cabin stove and smells devine. At some point I need to go down the town to pick up bread, fruit and veg, but I may wait till tomorrow now, just in case other people arrive for coal.
Time for lunch, so I am off to delve into the fridge to see what we have xx.


  1. Hi Jo - I'd like to send you an email, or other private message. I cannot see a link - am not too great on computers!
    Can you say where I need to go to contact privately?
    We have met, by the way!

  2. Hi S. If you wish to contact me you need to go to my blogger profile and click e-mail.


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