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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Baking up a storm.

Hi Friends.

Saturday was a somewhat quiet affair, so I did some baking, which should last us the week, if I do not get a Chocolate rush moment.
Saturday evening was spent in Bridge 61 pub, where four people were celebrating birthday's. Sam was celebrating his 40th and the others which includes Roy off of NB Gerald who is celebrating his 70th birthday on Tuesday. It was a great evening where everyone celebrated together. Local musicians played and some of us joined in with the singing. I spent most of the evening chatting to Jane from the North Kilworth Boatyard (CLICK), she was there with her husband John. They have been running the boatyard since 2007 and are a lovely couple. The noise level crept up throughout the evening and by the time we left, which was at 9.45am my ears were ringing. I am not one for lots of loud music and people the worst for drink, so was quiet happy to go back to the boat, where we sat and watched 'The Body Guard', until neither of us could keep our eyes open any longer. The Foxton Locks Inn, were also holding a celebration of some kind with a live band playing very loud music, this went on until after 11pm, when everything fell silent and peace was restored to the pool.

Sunday morning and the weather was looking very sad for itself. No sunshine to be seen, it looked like another day of doom and gloom. The temperature was nothing to right home about either when I took Paddy for his stroll up the towpath. A couple of cobs (male swan's) were fighting for the right to stay on the stretch of canal, with the older of the two winning. The juvenile will have to find himself another area to patrol. When Paddy and I got back to the boat, Keith was making us toast and Marmalade for breakfast, whilst he did that I made up the back stove, so that I could get the kettle boiling and put a caserole in the oven, which would be for dinner later on.
After breakfast I walked up to the bins to get rid of rubbish and met up with Caroline off of NB Vanyar, we got to talking about recycling and the lack of bins at BW rubbish points and how at some places you can recyle one thing but another. I think that BW and the local councils need to get their heads together and make more of an effort when it comes to recycling for boaters.The other evening a customer bought us a piece of metal for our new trolley. The piece of metal is for a back plate, so that the coal bags do not rub on the wheel of the trolley. After breakfast Keith got our his drill and cable ties and fitted the back plate to the trolley and very nice it looks too. It will make my life so much easier.
The afternoon is wearing on and there has been no sign of the sunshine and it is still cold outside, so having opened the boat up this morning, I have now shut it up again against the elements. The fires are stoked and dinner is cooking. Keith is playing on his computer game and the TV is showing the film 'Silverado' on FiveUSA. I do not expect to sell any coal today, even though I am open for business. Tomorrow we will be heading into Market Harborough to supply customers. I will also go shopping for fruit and veg.
I will catch up with you then xx.

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