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Friday, 18 February 2011

Crows, Daffodils and Coffee.

Hi Friends.

I must be getting old, because I was in bed by 9.15pm last night. I think listening to Keith snoring in the chair and the lack of decent programs on the TV made me want my bed. I cannot remember my head snuggling down on my pillow, so I must have been tired. I have no idea why though, as yesterday was not that busy and I only came down the Foxton flight. I hope I am not coming down with something.

This morning as usual we were awake way to early, so Keith made us a cup of tea, which we drank whilst discussing the day's chores. By 7.15am I was up and dressed. Because my side of the bed is next to the engine room, I always stack my clothes for the morning on the engine, ready for me to climb into. There is no wardrobe on our boat, we only have cupboards and draws, so I use every available space. Up and about I laid on breakfast, which was toast and marmalade this morning. The stoves then got stoked and the ashpans emptied. By then Paddy was asking to go out for his walk. He is never desperate to go, just impatient. We walked up the towpath towards Debdale and until we had cleared the moored boats he was kept on his lead. Once we cleared the last of the boats, I allowed him off of his lead, so he could run free. I am a stickler for keeping him under control passed other peoples boats, because there is nothing worse than a dog weeing on boat ropes or even worse leaving a package by the boat. I do not like other people's dogs doing it near our boat, and so I do not allow Paddy to do it near others boats. We walked up to Pat's Bridge and on the offside the Crow's were busy nest building.
There is an old wives tale told, that if the Crow's and Rook's nest in the tops of the tree's we are in for a good Summer. If however they nest lower down, it is going to be a Summer of bad weather.
So what do you reckon good or bad Summer?

Another Crow's tale is:
One's bad,
Two's luck,
Three's health,
Four's wealth,
Five's sickness,
Six is death.

Coming from a farming background, I know lots of old wives tales.
The sight of Daffodils popping up out of the ground, really does mean that the ground is warming, so Spring is not far away, but with the temperature dropping like a stone, it does not feel much like Spring is on its way. As the morning wore on the temperature seemed to drop even futher.
I delivered some coal to a customer early on, and stood nattering about the wildlife around. Just as we were chatting about Badgers a Kestrel flew up into the tree near her boat. Just typical though I did not have my camera on me. Having then put the world to right, I walked back to the boat with my trolley. Keith had been wrestling with our printer, which has a mind of its own. Thankfully he was all finished when I got back. I made a Chicken Casserole which is cooking in the back cabin stove for tonights dinner. If the temperature outside continues to drop, the casserole will be very welcome.
With all my jobs done, I wanted to go and have a look at the enamel ware in the shop, so we shut the boat up and walked over Rainbow Bridge to Tony Matt's shop. Keith bought a book on the FMC boats (Fellows, Moreton and Clayton) and I bought an enamel ware jug, which will be ideal in the back cabin. Even though we are only moored over the canal, we popped into Bridge 61 for a coffee and a natter with anyone in there. It was however rather quiet, so after coffee we walked back to the boat.
As the afternoon is wearing on it is very quiet outside, the only boats moving are the hire boats and there are not many people about, so Film4 is on and we are watching old movies. I do not expect to get many customers today with it being so quiet, so it looks like I am going to have a quiet afternoon.

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