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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a difference.

Hiya Folks.

What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday it was blowing a gale and overnight the wind just disappeared, leaving us with a frosty morning and no wind at all. This ment the sun came out and the day was almost Spring like.
My day began like most day's way to early. I was woken up by Keith climbing over me at 5.30am grrrrrrrr. Whilst he was doing what he had to do, I made us a cuppa and re-lit the stove as it was a little chilly in the back cabin. No sooner I struck the match and lit the firelighter, I was aware that there was smoke coming out around the chimney stack, which ment only one thing, the chimney was blocking up with tar and soot. So I pulled on my trousers and t-shirt and climbed out on to the back counter with my chimney stick, to give it a good poke. The chimney that is. With the chimney cleared I climbed back into the cabin, with my feet freezing and I lit the fire all over again, this time success the fire was roaring away and all the smoke was going up the cleared chimney. By the time Keith climbed back into bed, the back cabin was smoke free and his cuppa was going cold. Despite the fact that I could have settled back down under the duvet, I decided to get up, because I had shopping to do, plus other tasks in the town, so I was up and dressed and out with the dog. It was a chilly but beautiful start to the day, even the ducks were quacking away.
After breakfast, Keith fired up his laptop, which he had got back from repair yesterday and the flippen thing did not work. To say he was cross was an understatement. Dell have really let him down with this laptop. So he rammed it into a rucksack and I donned by coat and rucksack, we then set off down the town, first destination the shop where he bought his Dell laptop from. Keith told them that he had had enough with the thing. He either wanted a complete replacement or his money back, so he has left it in his hands to see what they can do with Dell. With that done, we headed off to the Royal Mail sorting office where we wanted to find out about redirecting mail. The gentleman behind the counter was very helpful and left us feeling we are making progress with our quest to get a mailing address in Market Harborough, next destination was the council offices to find out about planning, but before that we headed to the indoor market place for a much needed coffee, as we had already walked a couple of miles ;0(. Whilst there I bought a Lamb Shank and a Hock which are now in the freezer.
At the council offices we sat down and chatted to one of the council staff who deals with planning and he is going to help us set up a post box. Fingers crossed it is not a difficult process. By the time we came out of the council offices it was almost lunchtime, so Keith suggested we eat out and he fancied an Indian, so we were just about to set off for Shagorika our favourite place for an Indian meal, when we met up with Chrissie and Richard off of NB Digitalis, who gave us some shock news, which left me stunned, they are selling up and moving. Things change in our lives and we all have dreams we must follow, so I wish them luck with their new adventure. We will of course keep in touch and they are always welcome to come out on our boat.
I am beginning to wonder if I smell, because people we know seem to be leaving the waterways thick and fast, which is all very sad for us and the waterways, because these people are lovely and actually love the canals. I am saddened but we must all do what we must do.
Lunch was very yummy as always at Shagorika, it is always a treat to eat there. On the way back to the boat, I called into the fruit and veg shop to buy my supply of fruit and veg, this will have to last us a couple of weeks.
Back at the boat it was time to do some coal deliveries, which would help work off my lunch. With all this heavy work, I should be as thin as a rack, but I am not grrrrrrr.
I have had a wonderful day in many way's, I hope yours has been as good.

Chat soon xx

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