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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Welford to Foxton Top Lock.

Hi Friends.

It was a foggy and frosty start to Wednesday morning. There was a heavy frost on the ground and the foggy was getting a little like pea soup.
We left our overnight mooring and set off for the junction, where we did not see another boat. Infact that applied throughout our cruise, there was not another soul moving, or wanting coal. There is something quite eerie about cruising in the fog. I got to take the tiller, whilst Keith went inside. I love working the boat when I get the chance. There is something impowering about moving a boat through the water. There are those who feel it is a man's job to move the boats, but that is poppy cock. Women were good enough to work the boats during World War II, when the men were off fighting for our fine country and they are most certainly more than capable of doing the same today. I have many girly friends who are lone boaters and love moving from place to place. Infact I think I can safely say that some women do a far better job than the men.... I know I have stirred the pot with that comment, but I feel in some cases a woman is better at the job. I still have much to learn, but do enjoy my times at the tiller.
By 9.15am the sun was trying hard to come out and a warm glow was reflecting on the water. Unfortunately the sunshine did not last ling, and before we knew it we were plunged back into the fog again, which meant the temperature really dropped once more. We have all heard of the film 'Gorillas in the mist', well I have a new film idea 'Geese in the mist'. I just about spotted these two Canadian Geese in the field.
We arrived at Foxton Top Lock and immediately found a mooring long enough for the boat. Roy on NB Gerald came in behind our boat, having changed his mooring position. We are going to the pub with him later for a pint or two and an evening of chatting, which every nice boater enjoys.
I will say cheerio for now, as I should get on with a few jobs.
Chat soon. xx


  1. Couldn't agree with you more ....I once took my two sons and my dog on a short break narrowboat holiday they were only 9 and 7 yrs old and my friend took a second boat with her three boys around the same age ....and we managed perfectly well....my son did fall in at one point while I was turning the boat in a winding hole but he did have a lifejacket on and was none the worse for the experience !!....so power to the women !...x

  2. With you on women working the boat. My wife took the tiller at the weekend and brought us from Swarkstone to Willington, through the, as I call them, pig locks, at Swarkstone and Stensons. first time she has ever took control at the infamous doubles - perfect job she did too

  3. Hi Artymess.

    So pleased you enjoyed your holiday, even if your son did fall in. With the canals only being shallow, you can actually stand up in them. Although a lot does depend on how tall you are hahaha.

    Good on your wife for taking the tiller, I wish more women would do the same. I may do a posting on the reasons why I feel this way.


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