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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bridge 36 to Welford.

Hi Friends.

Brrrrr Winter is not giving up without a fight.
When we woke up early, I thought I could hear the wind blowing, but Keith reckoned it was coming from the A14. On opening the back cabin doors, I was proven right, when I was hit by an icy blast of cold air. It was blowing outside and it was cold. I did not need to think twice, I jumped beneath the duvet and snuggled down whilst drinking a cuppa. It would have been so easy to have gone back to sleep, but nope I was up and dressed. The fires both needed stoking to keep the cabin warm. The back cabin stove always takes me longer to do, because I have to rake out the ash which I placed on the top to keep the fire in over night. This morning there was not much fire left underneath to keep in, because with the howling winds the fire had almost burnt itself out. I got it going again though with a few sticks from my store and it was soon roaring away once more, with the kettle gently humping away on the top of the stove.
Paddy and I took a run across the field, when I say Paddy and I, I mean Paddy did the running and I just strolled. It has been a long time since I ran anywhere, I am not a runner and never have been. I remember at secondary school, I was always put into the 100 metres for sports day, and I always came last.
Back on the boat after looking at the stunning views across the valley, Keith was cooking breakfast. He did us Two Poached Eggs, Two Sausages, Two Breakfast Mushrooms and Two slices of toast. It was very yummy and went down extremely well on such a chilly morning.
We only had a short run this morning to customers down the Welford Arm. When we set off it was dull but not raining, however the wind was blowing a bit, making for cold hand and faces. I always wrap up against the elements, but this has its problems when trying to unload coal, so I usually end up stripping off when delving into the hold for coal.
When we arrived at Welford, we winded at the arm end and moored on the jetty to deliver coal to customers, we then moved back down the arm to the visitor moorings close to the marina, which is where we will be for the night. The TV signal here is pants, so we will probably end up watching a DVD.
I would like to wish Sharon a very Happy Birthday today xx
Also get well soon to Bruce who is in hospital xx
At the moment I have meatballs cooking in the back cabin stove for tonights dinner, they smell devine and are making me hungry. Paddy and Marmite are both asleep. Keith is repairing his waistcoat, which is falling apart.

I am off to make a coffee so will chat soon xx.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me ....

  2. Hello artymess, welcome onboard.
    Everyday is a perfect day for me, as I love my life.


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