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Saturday, 5 February 2011

A woman with a plan.

Hi Friends.

Having been woken up by the wind yet again through the night, my mind turned its attention to the day ahead as I sat drinking a cup of tea. As we have been battered by winds now for the past couple of days, I am ignoring any banging noise or the slapping of the waves against the boat. It is actually quite rhythmical at times.
So a plan was being hatches as I sipped my tea.

1st. Get dressed.
2nd. Walk the dog.
3rd. Re-light the back cabin stove.
4th. Cook Steak and Kidney for tonights dinner. (this would go in the stove once the fire was lit).

See I told you I had a plan. But this could only begin after another hours kip beneath the very warm and inviting duvet. I felt like a Dormouse hibernating as I curled up into a ball beneath the duvet and very nice it was too. But all good things must come to an end and no sooner I had dozed off, I was awake again and contemplating my plan for the day.

Up and dressed, Paddy and I set off across the field with the sky looking a little moody. The wind was still blowing a gale, but as it was not cold it really did not affect me much. The one thing the wind did was blow the cobwebs away. After some breakfast and a coffee, Keith and I donned our coats and headed out for a walk. We took a couple of shopping bags with us, but with no intention of buying food, we were off to collect sticks along the way. Because of the strong winds, there were plenty of twigs lying on the ground, just waiting for us to pick them up. I had persuaded Keith over to the dark side, he was now a stick collector like me ;0).

We arrived back to the boat with our bags full to bursting point and a need for another cup of coffee. It was nice to go out walking, it really gives you the chance to check out what is around you. Tomorrow I will tell you about the Foxton Weighbridge we found, when I have done a little more research.

Right now I am sat here typing this and watching a film on BBC2. The Steak and Kidney is cooking in the back stove and yes the wind is still blowing a gale. Two hire boats have come past us at speed and a private boat as well, so the wind is not putting people off from moving. I hope you have a lovely Saturday.

Chat soon xx

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you had a nice day actually.
    Even if it was windy!
    There's nothing better than a nice hot cup of tea, or in my case, coffee, and sitting inside listening to the awful weather outside!


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