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Sunday, 27 February 2011

That Sunday feeling.

Hi Folks.

What started out as a beautiful morning, has ended the day raining again.

This morning as I lay in bed, I could see the sun pouring through the pigeon box port holes. I thought that this looked promising for the day, but I was so wrong. The morning was lovely with Spring sunshine and the warmth to go with it, but as the morning stepped into the afternoon, the rain began to fall. I did at least manage to get the photograph of Marmite sniffing the Daffodils Paul and Merleen bought me on Friday afternoon. The Daffodils are the only thing brightening the galley at the moment, because as the afternoon is diving into evening, the light is fading fast, made worse by the overcast sky.
The day has been some what quiet, I sold two bags of kindling and two bags of coal, which is not bad for a Sunday. I managed to tidy the hold a little and sweep the floor right through the boat. For such a short cabin space, there always seems to be a lot of dirt and dog hairs to clear up. Paddy moults all year round and it gets everywhere. Most days his hair blows up and down the cabin on the floor like tumbleweed in the desert and yet his coat never gets any thinner. It is just as well Marmites coat is short, otherwise I would be ankle deep in pet hair by now. I also managed to get a load of washing done, which is now hanging in the engine room and back cabin, so they both look like a chinese laundry on a good day. The great thing is the washing will dry pretty fast in both areas, even the rag rug from yesterday's accident is drying nicely. I did put the rag rug out on the slide and Marmite thought it was there for her benefit. That soon changed when the rain began to fall, she was in quick smart and so was the rug. For a Sunday it has been a restful day of watching movies and sniffing a lot. My could does however seem to be going little by little. I have at least got rid of the sore throat, which I can never abide, I now just have the coughing stage to go through again (deep joy). Hopefully once this cold has gone, I will be cold free for the remainder of the year. Spring is not far away, I believe it officially starts on the 20th March, and then we will have the Summer to look forward to, my shorts are eager to get out of the plastic box in the hold already. I do so look forward to putting my Winter clothing away for another year.
Well I have rambled on for another day. I would however like to say "Well Done" to England for beating the French yesterday in the rugby, we took them down 17-9 in the Six Nations Championship and we are still on for the grand slam being the only team who has not lost a match yet. Go boys go.
The Oscars take place later so good luck to all the Brits. The King's Speech is expected to sweep the boards tonight, so fingers crossed for all concerned.
There is so much going on in the world at the moment, it does make me wonder what is coming next and whether the whole world is going to descend into chaos. Let's hope for everyone's sake this is not the case.
Chat soon xx

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