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Sunday, 13 February 2011

How to spoil my Sunday morning!!!!!!!!

Hi Friends.

I hope your Sunday is going to be a good one?

Mine got off to a good start, but was then ruined by a thoughtless person.
As always I took Paddy for his morning stroll. he is always on his lead when passing other boats and when we come into contact with other dogs. This is not because he is not friendly, this is because i never know what someone elses dog, which is normally off its lead will do. Paddy is the most laid back dog and does not have an evil bone in his body, so will always hide behind me when faced with another dog who is in destroy mode. This was the case this morning, when a woman came towards us with three dogs. The mongrel looking of the three immediately began to show it was up for a fight with Paddy as it charged towards us and started growling and lurching at Paddy. I fended it off, whilst asking the owner to put her dog on a lead. Her reply was "I am trying". The dog then lurched at Paddy again who was hiding behind me. I took action and pushed the dog away from Paddy and sternly told the woman to get her dog on a lead. At no time did she apologise for her dogs actions. The next time this happens the owner is going to end up in the cut I swear, because I am sick to death with dog owners who allow their dogs to beat up on Paddy. He is going to end up a nervous wreck.

I can but hope by day gets better ;0).

Chat more later xx


  1. Hi Jo,
    Hope poor old Paddy has recovered from his ordeal. Sadly there are more and more inconciderate dog owners these days.

    We live near a small nature rerserve and is a favourite dog walking venue. My wife Chris was knocked over by a large German Sheppard chasing another poor hound. The owner then had the bare face cheek to tell Chris she should look where she was going! Honestly he too would be in the cut if I had been there!

  2. Hi Steve.

    Thank goodness Chris was ok. But what if it had turned out badly?
    These inconsiderate people need to be held responsible for their actions.

    Paddy as always seems none the worse for this morning. I know though that he will be hiding beind me next time he see's another dog coming at him like that.


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