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Monday, 21 February 2011

Damp around the edges.

Hi Folks.

Ok I know I have been rambling on this past week or so about Spring coming, I think someone up there over heard me and decided to throw a curve ball because this morning it was trying to snow when we moved away from our weekend mooring at Foxton Locks.
We left Foxton at 9am, I opened the first of the two swing bridges, we then stopped to drop of coal to one of our regular winter customers. Before heading for swing bridge number two, we had a natter with Caroline and John. I then met Caroline at the Foxton village swing bridge, where a boat was already coming through the bridge opening. It would have been nice if they had waited for us to go through, but they saw fit to close the bridge in front of us. I cannot say what I was thinking at that point, because I would get taken off of blogger, but I can say I was not to impressed. If anyone is approaching a swing or lift bridge and I am operating it, I will wait for them to use it as well and then I will close it. Oh well some people just have no manners. I did say good morning to them as I walked on to the bridge. Caroline and I read the notice on the new electric box. It tells you how to work the barriers and the bridge. The stupid thing about it is the electric box only works the barriers, you still have to push the flippen bridge open and for anyone who knows the swing bridge at Foxton village, you will know you need to have muscles upon muscles, because it is a pain in the rear most of the time. Even though they are supposed to have repaired it, it is still no better, so they BW think that this new system is a good idea I have no idea. Unless they plan on electrifying the bridge at a later date, which would be fantastic.
Due to the rain there was nothing else moving as we made it to bridge 14, the Old Union Canal Society moorings. We pulled in and I then walked down to Logan Street Wharf to see if anyone was moored up. Huge relief there was nothing there, so I rang Keith so he could come on down with the boat. I then walked towards the basin at Market Harborough to see if there was any moorings there for a 70ft boat. Great joy there was enough room for three 70 foot boats. Because did not see me at Logan Street Wharf, he came down to the basin moorings and we tied up with the rain still pouring down.
Once tied up Keith legged it down to Argos to pick up a TV for the back cabin which he had reserved online. We can now watch TV in bed yayyyyyyyy. I made us some lunch, which was ready when he got back, I then went down town myself to buy fruit and veg, with the rain still coming down.
It has been a wet and soggy day, but this is how life is on the cut. You do have to take the rough with the smooth. That is what I love about my wonderful way of life.

Chat soon xx.

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