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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spring is on its way.

Hi Friends.

I have a dreaful signal at the moment. Crick must have the worst internet signal in the whole area, so I will keep my posting as brief as possible.

Thursday we enjoyed a nice time at Welford Junction. We met up with Jane and Tom on NB Calypso, who wanted there coal order. Jane then very kindly invited us in for Coffee. Without any problem at all 2 hours passed by as we chatted about the world and his wife. By the time we said cheerio to them, it was well past 2.30pm and we still had not had lunch. Back on board our boat I made us a sandwich, because dinner was going to be the last of the Pheasant Casserole and Dumplings.

Friday morning saw the sun up and the birds singing. It looked and felt like a Spring morning as we left our over night mooring. It seemed that where ever I looked I just saw dead animals in the water. Floating in the canal I saw 1 Fish, 1 Rabbit, 1 Badger, 1 Fox and 3 Sheep. The death toll is rising on the Leicester Line for dead animals in the water, which I always find very sad. At Yelvertoft I dropped off coal to a customer before we carried on to Crick where Kerry's ponies were over looking the canal near Crick Marina. I thought this was a lovely photograph.
Could someone please help me up?
We moored up on the towpath opposite the marina and realised that the water level was down, no wonder our cruising progress had been some what slow. We could not get right into the bank so tied up as we were in a hope that the water level would come up. It turned out that they were having issues at Watford Locks, which was causing the water level to drop.
Our good friend Roy on NB Gerald No 13 was moored up, but we knew he was not on board because he had phoned me to say he was at Crick and off to the pub, but we were fortunate to catch up with him later in the afternoon. Jackie and Ray on NB Roehaise came in behind us and moored up, it was then Roy came back from the pub and shop bearing goodies. He had a box of Butterfly cakes and was willing to share them if I put the kettle on. Jackie offered to make the Coffee, so I took her my boiling Copper kettle to use, it saved her having to use her gas to boil a kettle. There was Jackie and Ray, Roy and his dog Thomas, Keith and I stood on the towpath drinking coffee, eating Butterfly cakes and nattering, it was the perfect end to a lovely day. it had been over a year since we had seen Roy, so we had an awful lot of catching up to do. There will be more chatting over the weekend no doubt.
The Crick mooring may have a back internet signal, but the TV signal is fantastic, so we have digital TV, which means we have an excellent picture for a change. Just a shame there was nothing much on. I did start to watch Braveheart on More4, but my eyes were getting heavy, so I therefore gave up and went to bed.
Saturday began with a shower, but as I type this posting the sun is shining and it feels like Spring. With the sun out, my first job was to take Paddy for his morning stroll, whilst I was gone Keith made us toast for breakfast. After breakfast I walked to the post office and store to buy a loaf and of course got chatting to Caroline and John on NB Vanyar, they have been very good friends and customers over this Winter.
Back on the boat, Keith and I sorted out the gas locker and under the back counter. Unfortunately it has been very wet under our back counter, which has ruined our two man tent and sleeping bag, so they are going in the skip. Keith stacked up our tins of paint under the counter and I made us a Coffee.
During the morning there was much talking between us with Jackie and Ray and Roy who came by on his way to the shop. There was also a lot of boats on the move, but sadly none of them requiring coal.
I cleaned the chimney again on the back cabin stove. Keith has a long crow bar which is ideal for getting rid of the tar and soot in the chimney. With the chimney cleared, I then relit the fire ready to put some minced Beef in the oven for dinner tonight.
Keith is now working on his railway layout and of course I am typing this whilst listening to the John Wayne film on the TV.
It is so nice to have the doors and side windows open letting in the fresh air and bird song. Spring is coming and so is the opportunity to Spring Clean.
Have a lovely weekend.
Chat soon. xx
As the morning wore into the afternoon,

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