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Thursday, 24 February 2011

From Foxton to Bridge 36, near Kilworth.

Hi Friends.

Thankfully we had no rude awakening this morning, so slept in a little for a change.
A dismal smart weatherwise gradually turned into a lovely afternoon, and we are now enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh air wafting through the boat, which certainly lifts the spirits.
Our run today was a nice one despite the weather being a little damp to begin with. We left Black Horse Bridge and headed up the Foxton Flight. Mark off of Callisto was moored up at the bottom of the flight. Having come up the flight with NB Winds of Change and NB Vanyar following us, we were then heading off into the countryside. At one point Pheasants flew up in front of the boat with gay abandon. It was as if they knew they had no fear of being shot, because the shooting season is over with. The only predators they have to worry about now are the wild ones. The Market Harborough hire boats were out and about, all heading back to base after their time out. It was typical that we met everyone at bridge 'oles. They all very kindly let us through and were very keen to keep out of our way. There have been a few boats on the move today, sadly none of them needing coal or other supplies. The only thing I have sold today is a bag of kindling. I think that with the weather warming up, we will see sales declining, but that is just part and parcel of the business.
Marmite and Paddy are enjoying the sunshine. Paddy is out on the back counter and Marmite has been out on the bank on her lead. She is only allowed so far and then she moans she cannot get that little bit further. The two things she hates are the wind and rain, so as a puff of wind blows past the boat, Marmite dashes for cover in the galley. She likes the comforts of home to much to go wandering to far.
This evening I think I am going to open a bottle of wine and settle down to watch something half decent on the TV, especially as the signal here is very good. So I will draw this posting to a close and will chat again soon xx.

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