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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Foxton top lock to the bottom.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday was a good day which ended up with us going to the Bridge 61 pub in the evening with Roy off of NB Gerald No13. We enjoyed a lovely evening with other boaters, chatting about anything and everything. Neither Keith or I are big drinkers, we normally only drink when we eat a meal, so for us to sit in a pub and just drink does not happen everyday. Not only do we not drink much, we could not afford to drink much at £3 a pint. I am amazed how people manage to sit and drink 5 or 6 pints at the price they are these days. But we did enjoy the evening with like minded people.

This morning we woke to another foggy morning, but there was no frost which was nice. Despite a late night, we were awake early and yes we did have a cuppa in bed.
Once up and about the usual routine got underway. This morning breakfast came first, then Paddy got walked. I then stoked both the fires, filled the Copper Kettle and fed the pets. We were then ready for the off down the flight. I took the TV ariel down and untied the fore-end rope, whilst Keith fired the old girl into life. When he was ready, I then walked on to the first lock to set it.Yesterday we had geese in the mist, today we had boater in the mist as Keith moved the boat towards Foxton Top Lock.At the top of the locks, the fog was thick, so I could not see the bottom of the flight to see if anyone else was coming up the locks, so I had to go and check to be on the safe side. With nothing coming, we set off down the flight at a leisurely pace. Working locks is all about doing it in the most effective way without wearing yourself out. I have a routine which works very well for me and saves my energy, not that the Foxton flight is difficult. if you remember to work the paddles in the right order, the locks are the easiest on the system in my opinion. Just as we reached the bottom lock Roy off of NB Gerald arrived with Thomas his dog to help us through the final lock of the flight. We thanked him for his assistance and off we went under Rainbow Bridge and onward towards Debdale. We stopped to unload some coal for a customer on the way, who was very pleased to see me.

The fog was still persisting as we moved towards Debdale winding point. A gentleman on the bank shouted out that there were a couple of boats adrift near the next bridge, I thanked him for his warning and we sped on our way. He was not wrong about the boats.It was just as well we did not want to go any further than Debdale, because there was a dutch barge looking boat in the bridge 'ole marooned all alone. Apparently British Waterway's had been called out to move the boat. We winded in the winding hole where a couple of boats were moored and made our way back to Foxton. Thankfully there was one mooring space available in front of the Foxton Locks Inn, so we moored up immediately. I tied up the fore-end and Keith did the stern, this is another of our routines. I have realised that boating is all about routines. I have set routines, which means I then never forget to do anything. Keith has his own routines as well. maybe this is a sign of getting old arghhhhhh.
Since being moored up, I have delivered coal to a customer who collects by car. I then did a bit of reshuffling in the hold, so all is tidy once more. I do like a tidy hold ;0). I am hoping that over the weekend I can get out with my camera to take some wildlife photographs, so watch this space for photographs. I am hoping the weather will be kind this weekend, so I can go out and about with my camera and tripod. As the day has worn on the sun has come out a little, warming the air, so Marmite and Paddy are on the back counter watching the world go by. Keith is working on his railway and I am of course working on this posting, I need to start thinking about tonights dinner as well, so I am off now.
Chat soon xx

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