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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Market Harborough to Black Horse.

I took the photograph of Marmite on Sunday, she was doing a great job og chilling out whilst not watching the Sunday film D.A.R.Y.L. Nothing was going to stop her from dozing.
We were awake at 5.30am, so Keith made us a cuppa. Because I was so wide awake, I decided to get up early to get a few jobs done. We did not leave the mooring until 9.25am, which was when we winded the boat in the basin, pulled into the Sanitary Station mooring, to empty the toilet cassette, get rid of rubbish and top the water tank up. We then unloaded some coal for Chrissie and Richard. On leaving Market Harborough we approached the Old Union Canal Society moorings and noticed a group of people being photographed by a man up a ladder, so I could not resist taking their photo. Some of the faces looked familiar, so I think it was a photograph of some of the Old Union Canal Society members, but not sure what for. For that explanation I will have to wait for the next news letter.On our way to Foxton Bill and Virginia off NB Wilver flagged us down for a couple of bags of Supertherm, so we pulled moored in front of them and unloaded a couple of bags of coal to keep them going. Gunner their retriever had been very poorly, but is thankfully now on the mend, thanks to a local vet. Gunner certainly looked on fine form this morning. Bill very kindly gave the fore-end a push off with his boat pole because we were stuck on the mud. The Leicester Line is very shallow in places and really does need dredging. Thank you Bill. It was lovely catching up with Bill and Virginia, we always have a good laugh with them.Having dropped off coal to a customer at Foxton, we are now moored up at Black Horse Bridge for the night. This afternoon our Tesco food delivery should arrive between 3pm and 4pm, which will replenish the fridge and food store, which is looking a little depleated at the moment.
The weather is so Spring like, I have all the doors and windows open allowing some fresh air to come into the boat. It is so nice to have the galley doors open to the elements for a change. Marmite and Paddy are on the back counter enjoying the afternoon sunshine.
I am off now to think about what jobs need to be done next.
Chat soon xx

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