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Monday, 23 May 2011

Alvecote to Hopwas

Hi Friends.

This wind shows no sign of dropping, but that did not stop us from moving off from the Samuel Barlow, where we spent a nice weekend and enjoyed a wonderful roast lunch at the pub.
Pheww!! the wind was blowing up a storm at times, so just as well we only had a short jaunt to Hopwas. We pushed on regardless down through Gascote Locks, where we waited for a boat to come up through the pair as the locks were both in their favour.
At Fazeley Junction where the Coventry meets the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, we pulled in for water, because we were getting low. The tap at the junction is brilliant, the water pressure is so good there, that the tank was filled in no time at all. There seemed to be lot of boats on the move today. In fact ever since we set off there have been a far more boats on the move from previous years.
Is there something they know we don't?
At the junction whilst we waited for the tank to fill, we watched the building work going on opposite. There used to be disused building there, which are now becoming apartments by the looks of it. The economy says that there is no building work going on, well there certainly is around this area and it is not just housing, we also saw units going up for businesses, so things must be on the up. After all the suburban housing and industry, we were soon back out into the countryside, with trees and fields as we approached Hopwas Hill and Hopwas village, where we found a large enough space outside the Tame Otter to moor on which was fantastic, because normally it is difficult to find a mooring here.
Keith has been on the phone to our boat safety man, and left a message for him, so we are hoping he can fit us in at Fradley. With the wind blowing as it is, we are glad to be moored up and now have to hope it drops off for tomorrow's cruise.

Chat soon xx

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