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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Golden Age of the Canals.

For those who missed the program "The Golden Age of Canals" you can view at on BBC iPlayer at this link. It will also be repeated on BBC4 this Thursday at 8:00pm.

If you do not want to watch the whole hour Keith and I are at the very start, and the very end.
I did not know we were on until I got numerous text messages telling me so, but with no signal for BBC4 we had to use the iplayer to view it. Great program with some great old footage.


  1. Yes thoroughly enjoyed it....and Hadar looked splendid ....you both did too .....the other message I sent was about our visit to the Basinstoke canal on the weekend ..had a lovely day. Its a shame the canal is 'landlocked'at the moment but I was reading that they have secured funds to repair the locks at Deepcut ......we were looking to see whether there were moorings there as it is close to where we live ..... and if they do the repair work then that would be brilliant........our dream maybe getting closer ...x

  2. Hi Lorna. You know the odd thing is, I lived only a dozen or so miles from Basingstoke, but never knew there was a canal there until Keith and I got together. We have not been down it yet. I do know they are always having issues with it, so the Deepcut repairs are not surprising. You would need to contact BW to see about moorings.. x


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