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Monday, 16 May 2011

Braunston to the bottom of Hillmorton Locks.

Hi Friends.

We were in no hurry to be under way this morning so for us it was a late start as we waited for Tradline to open at 9.30am, and then Keith had to return in ½ hour to give them time to wind the 60m of line we wanted onto a reel. This line is to replace the tempory lines we made when Hadar was first launched to hold up the side cloths, and some rope to make a pair of answer lines, which we may need later this year. Having taken the rope on board, I made a coffee and we prepared to set off leaving Braunston behind.
Before completely leaving Braunston though we needed to empty the toilet cassette, but could not get into the sanitary point as it was already in use, so we pulled in my the water point and I walked up with the trolley to empty the loo.
No sooner we set off for pastures new for 2011, we saw Working Boat Chertsey moored up, neither Sarah or Jim were about. (CLICK ME) Chertsey is being restored by Sarah and Jim.
No sooner we left Chertsey behind we then ran across Trevor on Working Boat Corona, sporting her new livery, she really did look fantastic.
The canals are for everyone, and this gentleman was clearly enjoying his time out in his canoe.
A fairly uneventful run to Hillmorton locks, I worked the locks, whilst Keith moved the boat. It had been quite some time since I have stepped from gate to gate and found it refreshing to do it again. At least I know I have not lost my touch, not sure Keith's photograph is very flattering, but it made me smile. We got to the bottom lock where we overtook 2 boats going the same direction. Granted one had stopped above the bottom lock to empty their elsan, but the other boat was in one of the bottom locks, the gentleman had tried to use the lock we went in to, but he couldn't open the gate, so they changed over to the other lock. This meant the first lock was full so I asked the gentleman why did he not use the lock as he had filled it, he told me the bottom gates were leaking and he could not open the gate, so I finished filling the lock again and yep you guessed it I opened it up and we went through and left before them. I reckon from the conversation between the 2 men they were trying to do it scientifically. So much for science, knowledge, muscles and technique win the day everytime. I did not find it difficult. I do have to say though, although the gentleman working the locks was a large gentleman he did not look very fit.
Having left the bottom lock, we passed this Swan's nest and her Cygnets, these are the second Cygnets we have seen this year, Keith took a photo of some earlier.Working Boat Badsey moors above the bottom lock in front of the Cafe.
Not wanting to arrive at Rugby to find no moorings we decided to moor up below the bottom lock, and leave arriving at Rugby till tomorrow morning. The sun is shining and we have had a wonderful days cruising.
I have just cooked some mince for a Cottage Pie for dinner tonight and then we may have some Pineapple and Ice Cream.
Marmite and Paddy have been enjoying the sunshine since we have been moored up. Marmite was laid out on the towpath rolling in the dirt so she was in seventh heaven.

Going now to check on dinner, then I am going to relax before dinner. It will then be time for a nice hot shower and an evening in front of the TV.

Chat soon xx


  1. Jo I have just seen you and Keith on the telly !!...how brilliant ....It was a real surprise beacuase I didnt read your post about it until just now when I just came on here to say this .........also i left a message earlier but don't know if blogger let me leave it .....xx

  2. Hi Lorna...
    Your other message never arrived, so no idea where it went hahaha.
    We did not know anything about the program until I got numerous text messages to say we were on. We did two days worth of filming for that little mention. It was nice to see the boat on the TV.... You may have my autograph later hehehehe.


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