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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kings Bromley to Stone.

Hi Friends.

Wow what a day. Our cruising began at 8.55am, with a plan to reach Shugborough, where we would stay for the night at least. But like with all good plans they can be changed and that is exactly what happened today.
Before we knew it, we were in Rugeley staring at the chimney from the power station. I had no need to stop for a food shop, so we kept on going. We saw plenty of boats going in the opposite direction and then we were behind a boat. It turned out to be Lesley and Howard on NB Sheila Ann. We followed them all the way to Colwich Lock, they were stopping for some lunch at Shugborough.
Keith and I felt it was to early to stop, so whilst we headed to the Great Heywood lock I made us some lunch to eat on the run. Great Heywood moorings were almost empty, which completely amazed us, but we still decided to carry on.
Robert and Sylvia on NB Tee Pee gave us a wave, it has been a couple of years since we saw them.
We carried on, and then carried on and then carried on, and all of a sudden we were at Stone. As we cleared Lime Kiln lock Roger appeared and signalled us to pull into the basin, which was excellent. So we are set up for a week moored here whilst it is half term, which is great, half term is a time not to be moving around for various reasons. We have already seen quite a few friends upon our arrival, so plenty of time to catch up with them all. We have had Nine hours on the move today and I am shocked that I am not feeling tired, but I bet I sleep well tonight. After the trials and tribulations of yesterday, today was really lovely on the whole. Some boaters need to learn the bridge 'ole etiquette, but apart from that we had a fantastic day. I will be making the most of being on the electricity, by getting my washing done and the hoover may even come out. Next week we have our boat safety, so we need to make sure everything is done for that. We also have a couple of jobs for Roger to do and I hope to get our exhaust chimney repaired.
I am now off to put my feet up and have a coffee.

Chat soon xx

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