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Sunday, 1 May 2011

May blows in.

Hi Friends.

The year seems to be passing us by so quickly as we welcome in May and all it has to offer. So far it has bought us sunshine and a gusty wind, which is blowing a hooley at times. This has been causing all sorts of problems for some of the boats passing us.

As I looked out of the back cabin door a hire boat was struggling to get away from the bank. I watched as the occupants pushed and shoved the boat; try to push the boat into the centre of the canal. Having watched them for a minute or two I ran down the towpath and offered them a little advice on how to get themselves underway. This advice was to reverse the boat back into the bridge ‘ole where they would be able to straighten the boat up and get it around the bend without the boat being blown back into the bank. The lady steering the boat did exactly as I suggested and in no time at all they were underway once more. As they came past out boat, they thanked me for my help and I wish them well on their holiday. It was nice to be able to offer some help and for it to be appreciated. So often these day’s people can be so rude when advice is offered.

Before all of this happened though it was another morning when we were awake to early. Marmite thought we should be up and about, because she was doing her utmost to get our attention. This included charging up and down the boat like a loony, clawing at the back cabin curtains, which she knows annoys me and climbing onto the stove and playing with the plates. After telling her off a couple of times, there was nothing for it but to get up. Whilst Keith cooked us Poached Eggs on Toast and a Sausage each (Only had two in the freezer), I took Paddy for a walk along the towpath. Even thought the wind was blowing, the sound of the birds and the rustling of the trees were sublime in the sunshine. Even the lambs were bleating in the field next to the boat announcing the 1st of May.

After enjoying Keith’s breakfast and a cuppa, I got on with the jobs on today’s list.

1). Rub down stool and coal box

2). Paint a coat of Green gloss on stool and coal box.

3). Paint a coat of Varnish on the Hand Bowl.

4). Make a Thai Turkey Curry for dinner.

5). Polish some Brass.

With all of the jobs done on my list, it was time for Drop Scones for lunch and a Coffee. It is now almost 2pm and I am sat watching “All the King’s Men”. The rest of my afternoon is going to be relaxing, after all it is a Sunday. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

Chat soon xx


  1. I found today to be blowing all kinds of debris and pollens into my eyes and making them itch and weep, every few minutes I had to stop and sort them out.

    I wasn't even in the countryside, just in Oxford Street!

  2. Hi Jo, hope you are well, just a quick update on the nest box cam. All the eggs hatched out last night,



  3. LadyB. The wind has been a real problem, but no sooner we stock up with coal at the end of next week it will settle down.

    Paul thank you for the update. Love the cams.


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