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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Historic boats on parade.

Good morning.

It is Sunday morning and blowing a little outside. I thought I would post some of the photographs I took yesterday of the boats moored at the Samuel Barlow. They are all FMC boats and very nice they looked all lined up as if for for inspection. The only boat missing from this gathering was Vienna soon to be renamed Verbena.
If you want to see plenty of traditional boats then why not come to The Samuel Barlow BOAT GATHERING on Fri 27 Jul, 2011, 18.00 Friday until 5pm Sunday.
I am a sucker for the traditional working boats. If they could talk they would have such tales to tell of their past lives. It is a sad thought that many of the men and women who once worked these and other traditional boats are no longer with us. So it is now up to a new generation to keep these boats afloat. Luckily there are now many young people taking on these wonderful boats, so their legacy floats on, not always in the form of a working boat, but they are still on the water. I am full of admiration for anyone taking on a historic boat, because they do take a lot of looking after and sometimes a bottomless pit of money is required to keep them afloat. We looked at buying a butty some months ago, to go with Hadar, but after a lot of thought, we decided to at least wait until we had everything in place. Neither of us want to jump into the deep end without dotting the i's and crossing the t's. When taking on a historic boat, you do have to give it a huge amount of thought. Because your actually dealing with a part of history and for some it is a matter which is taken very seriously.
Now it is true to say I am a Grand Union boat lover, but there is something kind of special about seeing a group of any historic boats all lined up.
From Right to Left. Sunny Valley, Austraila, Kangaroo, Jaguar, Greyhound and Kestrel.

Being a Sunday we are going to have a roast dinner at the Samuel Barlow, washed down by a pint of Old Speckled Hen. This is a real treat, because I rarely cook a roast on the boat.
I hope your Sunday is a good one.

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