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Friday, 6 May 2011

Welford Junction to Welford Wharf.

Hi Friends.

Don't you just hate it when you write a posting and you go to post it and poof it has gone, never to be seen again. Someone stole y posting arghhhhhhh.

Ok so here I go again.

The morning began the same as most mornings do, with us enjoying a cuppa in bed, and Marmite beneath the duvet purring away as she made herself at home. Unfortunately her snooze was short lived, because I needed to get up and take Paddy for his morning constitutional. These days his walks seem to be getting shorter, he does what he has to and then legs it back to the boat. Maybe at 7 years old he is beginning to feel his age.
Back on the boat, I made Keith and I some toast and marmalade and mog and dog enjoyed their breakfast as well.
The plan for today was to head off up the Welford Arm find a moorings for the weekend and then go into dry dock Monday to begin blacking the hull. So come 9.30am we untied from our overnight mooring and set off. I was still creaking with my sciatica, but having taken a couple of paracetamol, that would soon ease. We turned into the arm and made our way towards Welford Lock where a nice surprise greeted us. Not only was there a boat coming out of the lock, so I did not have to empty the lock, but the lock edging at the top of the lock had finally been repaired.
Keith and I reported the damage to BW over the winter, because at least 3 of the stones were in the water and another was missing. BW have now found the stones and repaired the block work, which apparently had been in a shocking state for many years. It is refreshing that when you report something, that something does get done. So if you ever see any damage on the system, make sure you report it, do not assume that someone else will have done so.
Having left the lock, we pulled into the 14 day moorings and I hobbled around the marina to see if there were any moorings further up the arm, I was amazed to see the moorings pretty empty, the only boat there was NB Golden Valley which belongs to Brian and Shelia. There was even a space in the wharf itself, so Keith pulled in at the wharf and we moored up. Have spent some time chatting to Mark from BW and Brian and Shelia, we then went into the boat yard to see Les.
Les produced our new propeller which will be fitted when we dry dock Monday. It looks fantastic, so now we just have to hope it does the job.
The sun is shining, so I really should be doing some jobs, as they are forecasting rain over the weekend. I will wish you a lovely day and say cheerio for now.

Chat soon xx

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