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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day One in the basin.

Hi Friends.

Woke up at 6am and could hear rain thumping on the roof of the back cabin. Marmite was lead on my feet again, so she had to be moved over to the edge of the bed, so I could turn over. With a meow and a yawn she soon settled back down and so did I. The next thing I knew it was 8am and I could hear grinding going on in Roger's work shop, so this meant it was time to get up.
Whilst I walked Paddy in the rain, Keith made the morning cuppa and laid up breakfast. After breakfast, we spoke to Roger about a couple of jobs we wanted doing and about a couple of things we wanted purchased, these included a tippet, to go over the top cloth. I have been noticing that the top strings are digging in and wearing the top cloths, so a tippet will help to protect the top cloth and stop the wearing. Keith wanted a couple of new gaskets ordered, so that we can change our head gasket at some point, as the head is leaking a little. By mid-afternoon the tippet was ordered and should arrive tomorrow or the day after.

After a coffee we lifted the back cabin floor and checked the level of the oil in the gearbox and I laid some puppy pads to soak up any moisture on the floor. Puppy pads are cheap, but do a great job. Roger has advised us to check the wear on the drive plate, so we have begun stripping down the propshaft, so that Roger can check it all for us when he has a free few moments.
Floor back down, it was time for some toasted sandwiches for lunch.

The rain has continued on and off all day, with the wind picking up again. For us it is nice to be in the basin and on hook-up when the weather is like it is today. There is also a chill in the air, so I feel I could be lighting the fire if this continues.
Because we are on hook-up, I have done a wash and used our tumble drier, which is always a treat, because the clothes are washed, dried and put away all on the same day woooo hoooo happy days. I know it seems daft getting excited over a tumble drier, but it is a luxury for us.

This evening we have been invited to Roger's house for a cuppa and a good old chin wag. We do not get to see him and Teresa very often so we will have plenty to chat about. So I am looking forward to this evening.

I hope your day is wonderful or has been wonderful depending on when your reading this.

Chat soon xx.

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