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Monday, 2 May 2011

Bridge 103 to The Boat House, Braunston.

Hi Friends.

I hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend, we certainly did. But it was time to think about moving. We had thought of staying put until tomorrow, but then had a change of heart as we were going to head for Rugby, but like with all good plans it soon got changed when we saw that the wind was still blowing a gale. So plan B was put into place.
We would be leaving out lovely picturesque weekend mooring and heading back to Braunston, where we would catch a bus into Daventry to do a shop at Tesco, well that was plan B.Plan B very soon got turned into Plan C, when we decided that by the time we pay for bus fares it would be cheaper to shop in the village, so we would moor at Braunston and walk to the local Co-Op and Butcher for supplies.
Because it was blowing a hooley, it made it a bit interesting travelling and was made worse by the fact that we met a boat at every bridge 'ole. There was some sideways boating going on at times. Keith is convinced that these strong winds will remain with us until we load with coal on the 14th May. At the moment the bow is light and vulnerable to wind and the sheeting is operating like a sail. So fun time ahead if this wind continues. As we made out way to Braunston the spire of Braunston Church came into view. This often operates as a beacon of hope for many a boater, as does the Windmill next door.

We arrived in Braunston and hoped that we would find a mooring, thankfully we were able to moor at The Boathouse, where we had a nice lunch and a pint of beer each. Before lunch though we visited Midland Chandlers for some bits. We returned to the boat and then had lunch at The Boathouse, before returning to Midland Chandlers for some other bits, which we needed to take measurments on the boat for. So we now have some LED bulbs for our saloon and galley lights, we also have some sound proofing board for our generator wooo hoo. During our first visit to MC, we noticed Narrowboat "Boston" moored on the towpath opposite, so on our 2nd visit we decided to return via the towpath to see how Bruce was doing. He was looking very good and back to his old self, thank goodness. We took a long time to get back to Hadar.Having finished chatting with Bruce, we then chatted to and had coffee with Anne & Keith on "Oakfield" (CLICK ME), it was lovely to see them both again and as you do, we ended up chatting about all things boaty including the old boaters topic toilets. We finally left them in peace and found ourselves chatting to Tim & Jo on their historic butty Hampton. We had seen them at Crick a few days a go and I knew, I knew the boat from somewhere, but could not picture it but soon realised that it moors at Cowroast with Historic Working Boat Owl, which belongs to Tim's Dad. The photo below was taken at Crick.

We finally made it back on board Hadar and had another coffee. I replaced the bulbs in the saloon and galley for the halogen bulbs to the new super duper LED ones, so tonight we will see if they make a difference. I am told that once we have the LED ones we will then change all of our bulbs over to them, they are supposed to be that good.
We will not get a TV signal here, so not sure what we will do this evening, twiddle my thumbs probably ;0) I have really enjoyed today and look forward to tomorrow, when plan A is to go shopping in the morning and then to head off up the locks. So we will see if we stick to Plan A or it changes to something else.

Chat soon xx

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