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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Saturday delights.

Hi Friends.

I now know why at the age of 49, I need all the sleep I can get. I had a somewhat disturbed night due to Marmite and noise coming from outside. This was all taking place at around 1am and seemed to go on for ages ( not Marmite but the noise). Marmite wanted to curl up on my feet for some warmth, but that was so uncomfortable for me so I had to shift her to the corner of the bed, which did not best please her. Because of the disturbed night, when I did get back off to sleep it meant I did not wake up until 8.45am and my first thought was for Paddy. I had visions of him crossing his legs, or far worse a puddle on the saloon floor, but I need not have worried because he had done neither. He is such a good boy, he is an angel he really is. Without further a do, I was up and dressed and ready to take him for his probably much needed stroll.
Whilst Paddy and I walked, Keith cooked Mushroom's on Toast for breakfast, and he made us a cup of tea, both were very welcome as I was feeling a little all over the place. I do hate going back to sleep when I have been disturbed, because for some odd reason I then wake up really tired. Not to mention the fact that I had a very strange dream.
With breakfast eaten and enjoyed, Marmite and Paddy were also fed, they then wanted to sit out on the back counter in the sunshine, whilst the generator ran to charge the batteries and heat the water. This was my chance to catch up on e-mails and facebook.
What would we do without such things?
I keep in touch with people far more via e-mail and facebook than I do by phone.
Once the batteries were all charged up, I suggested we should take a walk around the Pooley Fields Nature Reserve, which also took us up on to the on to the old spoil heap of Polesworth mine, which closed in 1965, where we enjoyed fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. The spoil heap has been taken over by mother nature and a very good job she has done.
Whilst in the nature reserve I spotted holes in an old Silver Birch tree and from one of the holes was the sound of young, so I told Keith I was going to investigate it more later with my larger camera.
After walking back along the towpath, we went and had a look at Alvecote Priory, which once used to be a Benedictine Priory. It was founded 1159 by William Burdett as a dependency of the Great Malvern Priory. it is said that William Burdett stabbed his wife after accusing her of being unfaithful and for his penance he founded the monastery. Although it has been in ruins for many, many years, it is now home to a number of Blue Tits, which I saw nesting in the walls, so in one way it lives on through the wildlife.
Having left the remains of the priory, we went to The Samuel Barlow pub (CLICK ME) to sample its wears and enjoyed a very nice pint of Old Speckled Hen each, we also booked ourselves in for a Sunday roast. At £6.95 each it would appear to be a bargain, I will let you know what we think.
Back at the boat, I made us a coffee before I set off with my camera and tripod to investigate the hole in the tree. I spent two hours listening and watching and yet no parent came to feed their brood, however I did discover who home it was.
The pair of birds using the hole in the tree are a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers. This was one of the parent birds waiting to fly in with some flies. Because I did not want to invade their space any longer I left them alone to get on with feeding their brood. I had suspected it to be a Woodpeckers nest, but I know that sometimes old nests are used by other birds. It was such a treat to get his photo.
With the afternoon now moving into the evening, I have dinner to cook, mog and dog to feed and then I will settle down to watch the TV.

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