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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hopwas to Kings Bromley ups and downs.

Hi Friends.

It has been a somewhat eventful days cruising. We left Hopwas at 8.45am and it looked like the wind had died a little, which was a blessing, but that blessing did not last long, because it was soon back.
On leaving Hopwas, we cruised passed Hopwas Hays Wood which is an army firing ground and has signs telling you to keep out. At Hademore Bridge we almost had a confrontation with a private boater, who seemed to think he could come through the bridge 'ole with us. He barely gave us enough room to get through. Keith commented to him "It was just as well we were not towing a butty". The man just laughed and pushed on through the bridge 'ole. Some people have no patience or thought for others. We then managed to pick up some rubbish on the propeller, so had to pull in just after Hademore House Bridge. Keith pulled off a load of plastic from the farm which has rows upon rows of poly tunnels. Back under way and yep it happened again, so we pulled in again to remove yet more plastic sheeting. Not what you need on such a windy old day.
We then met up with a our good friend Brian on NB Kyle, who was stopping at Whittington. it was lovely to see him again and his newly painted boat.
We came past Streethay Wharf, which was busy with boats all moored up. In fact there were a lot of boats on the move again today and it has to be said that there were some very grumpy old boaters out there, who could not be bothered to pass the time of day. I was always taught it costs nothing to be polite.
The unthinkable happened at Bell Bridge. Before we realised we were going under the road bridge, when it became clear that there was not going to be enough clearance for the exhaust chimney, because the bridge leaned the more you went under it. The exhaust chimney therefore scraped along the roof of the bridge and then bent arghhhhhhhh. Keith was shouting to remove it, but there was not enough clearance for me to take it off immediately, by the time I could get the chimney off the damage had been done. Lets just say it looks like a banana now grrrrrr. This is the second time it has been bent and so I am still hopeful we can save it. if not it will be binned, but at £95, I am loathed to throw it away without trying to mend it.
Fradley soon came into our view. The idea had been to stop at Fradley Junction for the day, to then contact Geoff to do our Boat Safety, so that he could come and test the boat. So we pulled in at one of the remaining spots, moored up and Keith rang Geoff. Unfortunately he cannot do our Boat Safety until next week, so we have agreed to have it done in Stone. With that decided, Keith thought we should move on, but I wanted some lunch first because by now it was 12.30pm. With Marmite and Paddy out on the back counter, I made us some lunch and then opened the galley window. That was a bad idea, because no sooner we sat down to eat our lunch the mosquito's came flooding in grrrrrrrrr. Lunch was eaten in a hurry and we were then under way again. First we negotiated the foot swing bridge and then headed to the junction.
Just as we turned out of the Fradley junction from the Coventry Canal on to the Trent and Mersey canal, FMC Minnow was moored up having some work done to her. Minnow is now under new ownership, so maybe we will get to meet up with the new owner sometime.
Before entering the Middle Lock at Fradley we passed by FMC historic working boat Dove (CLICK) looking splendid after having some work done. NB Icing was first to enter the lock, so we waited our turn to go up. I have seen the boat a few times, but best remember it from 2005 at the Preston Brook National Boat Rally, it was nice to see it again. I had a lovely chat with the family on board as we moved up through the two locks.
As we passed by Ravenswood, I was amazed by the amount of Rhododendrons blooming in the woodland, clearly the soil is perfect for them. Although I do know that some see it as a pest which invades the areas of our natural flora. Still it gives off some nice colour.
After an eventful's days cruising we moored up just past Kings Bromley Marina, where we have a digital TV signal yayyyy. I am hoping that tomorrows cruise is less eventful and people are friendlier. Life is to short to be so miserable towards others. So I just say hello and smile ;0).
The TV is on and we are watching Carousel on Film4, so I am off now to sort something out for tonight's dinner and then I am going to put my feet up.

Chat soon xx


  1. Hi JO,
    'Icing' belongs to Dennis and Margaret Cakebread. They have loaned it to their family for the week. We call it the party boat because of the roomy front deck. Shame your not heading in our direction towards Sawley but we look forward to seeing you in July.
    Happy Cruising

  2. Hi Irene. Yes the family said they were borrowing it for the week, we have been playing hopscotch with them along the canal lol.


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