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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Top to Bottom.

Hi Friends,

My morning began with poached Eggs and Bacon on toast Keith made. Keith normally cooks breakfast on a Sunday, it is my treat. Although the sun was out when I took Paddy for his walk, it soon disappeared and left us with a dull morning, it was however still great for moving, down through the locks which were quiet. Some of the lock gates on the flight are heavy, so they make me work hard, but the paddle gear is easy to work, so you cannot have it all your own way. Sadly there was no one around for us to share with, so I was on my jack jones working the locks. As we left the bottom lock we met up with Sheena who owns the butty Angel, which was fortunate because we wanted to chat to her about giving her a tow later in the year to the 'Village at War' weekend in October. The moorings were busy but we have moored outside Braunston Marina on a nice concrete bank with the view to doing some shopping at the boat shop at the bottom lock and Midland Chandlers today, and Tradline tomorrow before we set off up the North Oxford Canal.

Once moored up, I made us both a coffee and whilst we chatted about what to do, Marmite and Paddy were allowed out on the back counter for some fresh air. Paddy laid on the deck and Marmite sat on the step watching the world go by. Coffee's drunk, we set off to Midland Chandlers for a few items for the boat. It would be so easy to spend a lot of money in Midland Chandlers. For instance they had a 16 piece melamine dinner set for £38. We do not have any crockery as such on the boat, for obvious reasons. So we went for melamine, plates, bowls etc. I do have a few china mugs for guests though. I am actually considering buying enamelware instead, because the white melamine plates have gone very discoloured. There are never any breakages on our boat, the plates, bowls etc just bounce. Even our wine glasses are melamine. Back on the boat, I made some lunch and yet another coffee. One can never have to many cups of decaf coffee. I then walked up to The Boat Shop to buy some Brasso and could not resist two Mint Choc Cornetto's, they are my favourite and no I did not eat both of them, I lovingly gave one of them to Keith.
With very little else to do today, it is now time to watch the film on Channel 5 'Gunsmoke'.

Have a very nice Sunday.
Chat soon xx

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