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Sunday, 8 May 2011

A blast from my past.

Good morning friends old and new.

Here we are on another Sunday morning and this one has bought rain with it. Overnight we had a deluge of rain, it was so loud on the roof of the back cabin that it woke me up as it came in through the pigeon box.
I then dozed on and off until it was time to get up at 8.30am. Yes I had another lie in this morning, after all I am going to have three very busy days this coming week, so I need all the lie ins I can get before the work begins tomorrow.

Having come online, I checked my e-mails and received an e-mail from Anne and Nigel on NB Enseebee. We have known Nigel and Anne for some years now, as Nigel has a mooring at the boat yard where Hadar was built. Nigel and Anne are on the Bridgewater Canal and spotted the first narrowboat I had ever owned.
Misty Lady was my first boat. Keith has been involved with boats of all sorts for over 40 years, but Misty Lady was my very first boat, I am not including the hire boat Holly, which Keith hired from Middlewich hire boats for a week to give me my first introduction to the waterways. We bought Misty Lady from A.B.N.B to live on whilst Hadar was being built by Roger Fuller in Stone. (CLICK ME). Misty Lady was our home for 3 years and she did us proud. We had many happy hours cruising with her, which included doing the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Bridgewater Canal, Trent and Mersey, etc, etc. We sold her in 2007, when we moved on to Hadar and she went to a single gentleman. We then heard she was up for sale again and that she went to a couple, that was the last I heard of her, so it is wonderful to see a photograph of her. She has not changed at all on the outside. I hope they love her as much as I did. For Keith she was just an ends to a means, but for me she was much more because I had never owned a boat before.
Hopefully one day we will see her out on the water, so I can say hello to her new owners.
A few years ago when we had Mosty Lady, we went to the Shackerstone Canal Festival and met up with a couple who used to own her, before they had a new boat built. It is always lovely to meet past owners.

Not doing much today, after all it is a Sunday.

I would like to wish my Sister-in-Law Beryl a very Happy Birthday. I hope it is a lovely day for you xxx.

Chat soon xx.

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