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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Braunston to the top of the Buckby Flight.

Yesterday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary and so very little was done. We walked up to the lock cottage shop and bought a few items, which included a £1 bar of chocolate each. That was our anniversary present to each other, after all what do you give each other when we already have everything we want including the lifestyle. I am not a cheapskate, but no point buying something we have no room for, however I can always find room for a bar of chocolate. 
We celebrated our day by going to The Boat House Inn for our evening meal. It was very nice indeed and I still cannot believe where the 8 years have gone, it has flown by.
Travelled 4.46 miles, worked 6 locks in a time of 2 hours and 50 minutes.

No desperate hurry to be on the move today, so we enjoyed a cup of tea in bed and watch a bit of TV before finally getting up. Paddy wanted his walk and then both he and Marmite needed their breakfast. You never ever neglect Marmite when it comes to feeding her, otherwise you do not hear the end of it. 
We left our mooring and headed off to empty the toilet cassette before sharing the locks with Roger on NB Caroline. Roger told me he was a novice at working locks and because he was single handed, I told him I was happy to work them for him, so he could stay on the boat. 
On the lock beam of the first lock was this advertisement to give a Newt a home. The other ones I have seen have said give a Water Vole a home.
The sun was shining and it was also spitting with rain at the same time as we started our climb up the locks. 
It was great to see The Admiral Nelson pub looking so good now that it has new owners. I have heard that the food is very good. Maybe we will give it a go on our return trip.
It was our lucky day because at every lock, we had boats coming down the flight, which meant my job was made so much easier. As we left the top lock we met up with Brian and Shirley on NB Golden Valley who we used to supply coal to at Welford. It was wonderful to see them again.
It was then onward through Braunston Tunnel. Roger on NB Caroline we knew was turning on to the Leicester Line at Norton Junction and was a little worried about doing the tunnel, so we left him to do it in his own time and we headed off. Just as we entered the tunnel, NB Harnser was coming out of the dar, so we said a quick "hello" to Brian as we both continued on our way. We pasted four other boats in the tunnel. On leaving the tunnel we headed towards the Buckby Flight with a view to mooring up for lunch. 
In the end we have moored up on the 48 hour moorings above the Buckby top lock. 

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