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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weedon Bec Fete

Plans had been made for the day, but to begin with the usual morning stuff happened. I then got on with some painting on the outside of the boat this time. The Red needed attention on the bow, galley doors, engine room doors and back cabin doors. Nothing to huge, but patches needed rubbing down and repainting. With that job done, it was then lunch time and after that we went off into Weedon Bec.
The sun was out and so were the locals for the Weedon Bec Fete.
Lots of stall selling their wares.
Jenni and Chris Burton of Foscote Crafts were selling their crafts. Chris is a friend on our Hadar Facebook page. It was lovely to put faces to the names and to have a nice chat. We did not want to obstruct buyers so left them to hopefully sell some of their wonderful things.
Keith had bought his archery kit with him to have a go on the archery range. Keith did archery in his early days, but has had little chance to use his bow and arrows.
Unfortunately Keith discovered that their was a split in his bow whilst setting up so ended up using one of the archery clubs bows.
Despite not using his own bow he showed he still has the know how. It was nice to see him enjoying himself. After shooting his 5 arrows for £1, we had a wander around the rest of the fete.
The band played on.
Vintage cars.
Pony and cart rides for £1.
 Keep Fit.
 Taking the weight off.
 Local Judo Club, showing some fine moves.
Being over looked by the Depot.
 After walking around the fete a few times we went to find the antique centres which are on the other side of the canal in the High Street. Helios and Co. where I bought a nice pair of silver plated sugar tongs to go with my Measham sugar bowl.
If we had a house we could have filled it with some wonderful things.
We also visited the The Village Antiques Market.
After a great afternoon, we strolled back to the boat where a pint of Old Speckled Hen was enjoyed whilst sitting out on the towpath. The perfect end to a wonderful day. It is now just past 7pm and we are watching Wyatt Earp on Channel 5. It is a monster of a film and does not finish till 10pm, which is when I know I will be ready for my bed. 

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