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Friday, 21 September 2012

Winter curtains and Aussie newcomers.

Rain was forecast for the day and we kind of got rain, it was not full on but a sprinkling during the afternoon. I did not bother putting the sale stuff out, just in case it did chuck it down, instead I went off with my dustbin liner and litter picker to clear up the litter in the wood along side the canal. The wood is a lovely walk up the hill to the top of the tunnel, but it has been spoilt by the litter and dog poo, when I say dog poo I don't just mean the masses on the path but the 30+ bags of dog poo I collected in the hedgerow and in the under growth. 

What is wrong with people?

If you take the trouble to bag the poo, then why the hell can you not put it in the dog bin?
Sorry I have steam coming out of my ears grrrrrrrrrr arghhhhhhhhh.

Wood and towpath cleaned up and rubbish bag put in the skip. It is at least tidy for a day.
I cooked us a chicken curry for dinner, which we will have later and then went out to take some photographs  of that ever was out there.
Loved this Poppy which was blowing in the wind.
Shall we fly off or not?
There have been a few people about today, including some school parties. When I got back to the boat, Keith was chatting to some people who were on a day out.
This is their car, as 1937 Rover, what an absolute stunner and in excellent condition.
It was also lovely to meet Elly and Mick from Victoria, Australia, who have just bought themselves Narrow Boat Parisien Star and are looking forward to cruising the waterways of the UK. We look forward to see them and their boat as they embark on their dream. It is a wonderful feeling when you achieve your dream, so we know how excited they are, but also realise they are going to be on a huge learning curve. 
A few weeks ago I shared with you a photograph of the winter curtain material for the back cabin, well today they were finished and have now been hung in the back cabin ready for the Winter. I know, I know it is not Winter yet, but as I have lit the stove the dust will begin to gather and the lace on the Summer curtains will discolour, so I decided to change them now. I am really quite chuffed with the New Winter curtains and I still have a full curtain to make some more.
The signs have gone up for the restricted moorings for the Village at War Weekend. There are a couple of boats moored up, which have clearly been there for a while, including on which has a out of date licence, if they are still there come the rally weekend, they may have to be moved so booked in boats can actually moor up.
The day is now drawing to a close and I have really enjoyed today.

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