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Sunday, 9 September 2012

One thing leads to another.

Phew it has been hot today, but that is more because I have been busy doing painting jobs. Up at a leisurely time, Keith cooked us breakfast and then the painting began with a second coat of dark blue on the front cratch board, which is looking a little fragile due to wood rot, but it will have to do for now. Of course there is only so much filler you can use and I do not think I will be filling the cratch board any more, what we need is a new one made.
After the cratch board was painted, it was coffee time whilst the generator charge the batteries for the day. I had been eyeing up the cupboards in the galley which required rubbing down and re-varnishing, but I have to be in the mood to varnish and today happened to be that day. Keith stripped the doors off of the floor cupboards and I took them outside and rubbed them down on the workmate, whilst he then rubbed the cupboard surrounds down. The first coat of saturn finish varnish went on and the doors were left to dry on the roof of the boat, whilst I varnished the rubbed down surrounds, everything was left to dry until after lunch when I did a second coat. The one thing about this varnish from Wilkinson's is it is quick drying. 
Cupboards all back together and looking much fresher.
You know how it is you do one job and then another one starts shouting at you, well the job in question was the galley ceiling. I had painted the bathroom ceiling a few weeks ago and knew the galley would have to be done, because the ceilings are joined, today was that day. Keith took down the lights, we both took all the hooks out of the ceiling and the fairy lights came down. I then rubbed the ceiling down and the first coat of white gloss went on.
The ceiling is going to need another coat at least, because the ceiling was discoloured due to the coal stove and the gas cooker, it looks much fresher already and I am very happy with my days work.
In the field opposite the galley window we have three beautiful horses, three times a day they come down the canal to drink, yesterday they were in the water paddling and so this morning their owner came to tie a bit of string across to a post to stop them going into the water, that piece of string did not last long.
No sooner had she gone, they came down to drink and one of the horses decided it was going to paddle again but this time not just on the edge.
This horse wanted to play in the water, which was a little worrying because I had visions of it getting stuck in the mud. It pawed at the water for a bit making a splash and then a boat came along a little to fast for my liking, but it did make the horse go back into the field, which was a real blessing. When I spoke to the owner this morning, she said she was waiting for a fence to be put up. I think she may need that fence sooner than she thinks, because clearly the horses love playing in the water as well as drinking it. 
All jobs done for the day, it was then time to put my feet up and watch Film 4. Dinner tonight will be burgers but not done on the disposable BBQ, because their are to may cyclists and dog walkers with dogs off leads, I can see my dinner disappearing into the stomach of some dustbin of a Labrador, so I will be grilling them instead. 
Hope your weekend has been a good one?

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