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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Snarestone to Congerstone.

Travelled 4.8 miles, worked 1 swingbridge, in a time of 1 hour 45 minutes.

Last nights sunset across the valley.

I got a half decent nights sleep phew, so felt more refreshed this morning when I woke up. The reason I woke up was I could hear someone whistling to their dog. I did wonder if it was the dog from yesterday who had been pestering other boaters dogs. I discovered that its name was Charlie. Anyway someone was trying to get the dog back. I then dozed for a short while before getting up and making Keith and I a cup of tea.
8.30am it was time to crawl out of bed, strip the bedding for washing and then take Paddy for his walk on hat started out as a very warm, sunny start.

After breakfast, Keith and I decided we would walk up the part of the canal which is being worked on before it got to hot, so we closed the boat up and set off.

We had been up here last Autumn and had watched them digging out the canal. BLOG

The bit they had been digging out is now in water, but not joined up to the main section yet.

After our short walk and back at the boat, we pulled Hadar through the swingbridge to top the water tank up with water, emptied the toilet cassette and got rid of a few bags of rubbish.

We then made the decision to set off for a quiet mooring out in the country where Marmite and Paddy could get off of the boat without being pestered by other dogs. We said "Cheerio" to the owners of NB Vagabond and their lovely Lab Bentley as we passed by, it was then off into the countryside. Farmers are still trying to get their drops in, this farmer has all his corn taken in, and therefore it won't be long before summer is over, and autumn pops its pretty head up.

Approaching Snarestone tunnel again, nothing coming through from the other end, so in we went.

Back through Shackerstone, where there are still a few historic boats moored up after the weekend.

And still a few private boats moored up, whose owners said "Good morning" as we passed by.

We found a mooring in front of Mike and Phillipa on NB Garnet between bridges 49 and 50, a nice mooring where Marmite can get on to the bank whilst in her harness and Paddy and sit on the back counter and enjoy the sunshine, which had threatened not to come out as dark clouds gathered, but as I type the end of this posting the sun has popped out, so I think I may get my chair out and go and sit outside. From our mooring we can see the festival site, where people are still taking away the portable loo's and the Marquees are still standing.

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