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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Busy selling day.

Brrrrr a chilly old start to Saturday, the back cabin was cold, so I got up riddled back cabin fire which took no time at all to spring into life. There was soon warmth filtering across the cabin. With the cold start came a mist rolling along the canal as I opened the back cabin door to take Paddy for his walk up through the Woodland Walk, where the birds were chattering, probably talking about how chilly it was and whether they need to fly south sooner rather than later.
After breakfast Keith and I set up shop, laying all our wares on the roof of the boat. Whilst waiting for customers, Keith got on with the rag rug he is working on and very good it looks too. I got on with making a sausage casserole, which spent the day slow cooking in the back cabin stove. It was not long before we had customers and all in all we had a very good selling day, the weather did of course help.
A Virgin Atlantic hot air balloon flew over, it is only the second hot air balloon I have seen this year. Maybe the weather has kept them from flying or should I say drifting. I have always fancied going up in one. Also during the afternoon a Spitfire flew over, it was either heading to an event or away from an event, but it could have also been checking out the lay of the land for next weekend, because a Spitfire is supposes to be doing the air display. During the day we met lots of lovely people, some of whom bought items from us which was very kind of them. Whilst watching the day go by, I sat and read 'Grumpy Old Women', which made me giggle a lot, what is more scary though is the fact that, I could see myself as I read on. Oh my I am turning into a grumpy old woman.
Look who is on the front of the Village at War programme. Don't we look a happy pair? I like to think that we were just showing how miserable the war years were. I do look like I was deep in contemplation and Keith well he was eating his sandwich, which of course was bread and dripping. I feel honoured to have been put on the front of the programme.

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