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Friday, 21 September 2012

Meet and Greet.

Thursday was supposed to be a largely dry and sunny day, so I decided to set up shop. Keith helped me get some of our sale goodies out and we laid them out on the roof with a hope that we may sell something throughout the day. I in fact only sold some kindling and some silk flowers and that was to Geraldine off of the Cheese Boat. We had not seen Geraldine when we arrived at Stoke Bruerne, but we did have a good old natter with Michael. So Geraldine came to see us on her motor scooter. It was wonderful to catch up with her and all her news. As for the weather, well it was not working according to the script, because no sooner shop was set up, spots of rain began to fall, so we put everything back on the boat, the rain stopped and the sun came out and so did all our sale items, five minutes later the rain began falling again, this happened a further three times, by which time I was exasperated and decided to only put out a few items. Keith and I waited all day for another sale, but we did not sell another item and that was due to the lack of visitors. Oh well there is always another day and time.
During the day the Fudge Boat Sanity? arrived with Heather and Tony and so yep we stood on the towpath chatting about their year and where they had been. As we stood chatting to them David Daines came along the towpath, with news of the moorings for the Village at War weekend. He had allocated moorings for the trading boats and we were ok to stay in our usual place. Again it was great catching up with David. In a year so much had happened and peoples lives had changed, some for the better and some for the worse which is a shame. I am sure over the coming week we will do a heck of a lot of chatting to people we have not seen for a year.
After dinner, which was cooked in the back cabin stove, we went off to a talk in the school room of the Stoke Bruerne Museum. The talk was done by Brian Mayland and it was all about his early years of boating and how he got started. He showed some wonderful slides of the early days on the cut with the old boats and boating families. David and Elaine our friends on NB Patience also came along, so we got to see them again and there were a dozen other people at the talk, so a nice turn out.
By the time we got back to the boat it was gone 10.15pm and we were both in need of a coffee, which we sat and drank whilst watching a bit of night time TV. Off to bed at 11.30pm, I lay in bed listening to a Little Owl who was in a tree opposite the boat, it actually sounded as if it was sitting on the roof it was so loud. It was a lovely way to end a great meet and greet day.

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