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Friday, 7 September 2012

Grimes Bridge to Rugby.

Yesterday evening, we went Blackberry picking in the hedgerow alongside the boat. It is still quite early for them so many were still not ripe, but I have enough to add to a crumble for Keith. 
The local farmer has been busy with harvesting and with that gathered in from the field, he has turned his attention to cutting the hedgerows.
Last nights sunset was a stunner at Grimes Bridge. The calmest was only interrupted by the sound of the farmer who was working late into the night to gather in more of his harvest. I still love the smell of wheat being harvested, it evokes memories of my childhood growing up on the farm.The harvest is late this year and I suspect for some farmers their crops will have bolted and therefore gone to waste. So wait for it, food prices will once more climb.

Hands up, who watched the Paralympics last night?
Wow what an amazing night in the athletics stadium, what with David Weir winning his third gold in the wheelchair race, Jonnie Peacock then ran the race of his life to win the 100 metres. It was an inspiring night and I am so proud to be be British. 
After a pretty good nights sleep, we were up and leaving our mooring at 9.20am, there was no hurry today as we were heading for Rugby. The sun was out and the heat was already rising. Dragonflies were darting up and over the boat and the Hedge Sparrows were singing their heart out. We passed through Stretton Stop, I stepped of the boat to work the foot swing bridge and whilst Keith carried on to the bridge 'ole, I waited for another boat to pass through the swing bridge before closing it behind them. I then ran to catch Keith up and got back on the boat in the bridge 'ole. 
There were plenty of boats on the move and even more moored up. A smacked wrist goes to the boater who moored on the outside of a tight bend at Hungerfield. The gentleman on board was lucky there was nothing coming in the other direction, because if their had been we would have run down the outside of his shiny boat. Mooring on the outside of bends is not a good idea and I do wish people would stop doing it. A 70ft boat does not bend in the middle.
It did not seem very long before we were at Newbold Tunnel.
Every time we go through this tunnel, more and more of the lights have stopped working. Someone needs to change the bulbs, because when it is lit up properly it is very pretty.
We arrived in Rugby at 11.45am and were going to moor by Masters Bridge to go shopping, but Keith saw that their was room on Broughton Park, so we moved over to the park moorings in front of Brian on tug Kyle. Brian was no where to be seen, we learnt later when he knocked on the boat he had gone shopping.All moored up, we left the boat to go and get some dog food for Paddy and a new pair of trainers for Keith, his are falling apart. The sun is now very hot, so all the doors are open. It looks like Summer has finally put in an appearance and so we will make the most of it whilst it lasts.
It is now 2.15pm and I really should do something, but do not have the energy or the inclination. Food shopping will be left to the last minute and I will do it when it is cooler. Not sure what our plans are for the weekend, so watch this space to see what we decide to do.

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