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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sods Law.

As you know from my previous posting we had a lovely day out in Northampton and came back with a Television, which we bought in Argos, it was half price and had everything we wanted for our saloon. Got the television back to the boat, plugged it in with great excitement as it was going to be nice to watch a decent picture and for the television not to keep losing the signal or so we thought. Keith switched it on and immediately we knew something was not right. The picture seemed very dark, but we thought ok the settings need changing, which we duly did and whilst that did make a difference, the sound was a real problem. It sounded like someone was speaking from the bottom of a metal bucket. I know it is had to imagine, but believe me it was dreadful, we also got awful feedback from the speakers despite trying every setting in the sound area. It is sods law that when ever we buy anything new it is either already broken or it breaks within days of getting it and this was the case yet again. We tried to watch 'Love Actually' and it was excruciating viewing with the sound as it was. There was nothing for it, but for Keith to take another bus trip in to Northampton to return the television and to either get our money back or if they had one a replacement. 
Yesterday morning Keith set off on the 10.10am bus back into Northampton and whilst he was gone I paid a visit to Pam and Mac on NB Mona Lisa. Pam had hurt her back so is a bit immobile at the moment, but she had been busy making me some new cabin lace.
I have new galley door lace with swans on it for one side.

And for the other side a cat with a ball. Not the best of photographs, so will try and take some better ones with my camera.
Pam also made me some new port hole lace in the spider web pattern. Pam did this pattern for me a couple of years ago and I love it. I spent a lovely couple of hours with both Pam and Mac, drinking coffee and chatting about everything under the sun. I did not get back to the boat until 12.30pm, but wasted no time in putting my new cabin lace up. I had a quick bite to eat before walking to the bus stop to meet up with Keith, who was walking back to the boat with a new television under his arm. With great trepidation we set it all up, plugged it in and turned it on, I was praying this one was better and that it was not going to be the same. Much to my relief it was completely different and a triumph. The picture was incredible and the sound was fantastic, it was not like being in a bucket. 
Having watched a bit of afternoon television just to make sure the new television was working properly, we went out to The Spice of Bruerne for dinner. As always the food was excellent, as was the service. Every year when we come to The Village at War, we always had an Indian meal. If you love Indian food this is well worth a visit, the food is out of this world.
After what had been a disappointment with the television, everything ended well in the end. Argos changed the television without any hesitation, I wish it had been the same with Currys  and my camera.

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