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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rugby to Clifton upon Dunsmore.

Travelled 1.68 miles in a time of 30 minutes.

We do not usually move at weekends but today we made an exception. We got up early, I took Paddy for his walk around the park and found a wallet. After breakfast we grabbed our rucksacks and bags and headed off to Tesco to do a food shop, whilst there I handed in the wallet I had found, just in case the owner should call in their to see it if had been handed in. I have never lost my purse, but can imagine it must be extremely distressing if you do so, not to mention the upset at having to cancel cards etc. Shopping was all done by 8.30am and we were back at the boat by 8.45am. We got the boat ready for the off and set off in the sunshine at 9am. Whilst Keith steered the boat, I put stowed the shopping away and made us both a cold drink.  We left Rugby at 9am and headed off to find a country mooring for the rest of the weekend. 
Clifton Cruisers were busy with boats as we passed by. Just past the hire company we began looking for a weekend mooring and we found such a mooring by the Rugby Golf Course. 
All moored up, I turned my attention to rubbing down the filler I put on yesterday I then under coated the front cratch board with grey primer under coat. Whilst I waited for the at to dry I climbed into the hold to do some tidying up. The wood pile we have gathered in the hold is getting out of hand and needed stacking properly. At some point we will need to get the chainsaw out to cut it all up, but that will be when we are in the middle of nowhere. I do not think those playing golf will want to hear a chainsaw in action when they are about to tee off. I would hate to be the cause of them losing a hole. Hold tidyish I got on and rubbed down the hold gunwale and blacked it with bitumen, the reason for doing this was there were some bare bits where I have been climbing in and out of the hold and so it was a job which needed doing. The whole thing will be done again in March when we are in dry dock to black the bottom.
Jobs done, lunch eaten it was time to put my feet up and enjoy an afternoon movie on Film 4. It is cooler inside the boat then it is outside, so staying inside today.

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