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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Didn't we have a lovely time.....

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Northampton.

Yes today was the day we got on the number 86 bus, paid our £12 for a return ticket for the both of us and headed off to Northampton. Last September we made the same trip, but on the 27th September when it was  much hotter weather than today. The journey by bus is almost an hour, as it takes you through we passed through Roade, Blisworth, Collingtree and Milton Malsor. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some stunning houses.
We got off the bus in the centre of the town.
All Saint's Church was one of the first places we saw. You can read all about the other places we saw in my posting last year BLOG. I give a description on the history of the place and some of its buildings.
Northampton was pretty quiet to begin with, but as the time wore on the streets got busier. Whilst walking around, I spotted the Express Hair Company and it was offering a trim for £9.90, now to me that is a bargain and beats Supercuts who are charging £13.95. I do normally use Supercuts, but not today. I walked into Express Hair and did not even have to wait. Within 10 minutes I was done and dusted and was told that my hair is in very good condition, which really pleased me because I last had it trimmed in February, I only wash it twice a week, condition it once a month with a leave in conditioner. I never blow dry it, colour it and I have not permed it for years. So I am all trimmed up for a few more months. We had a wander around the town and noticed a few places which had been open had now closed. The Chinese Buffet Aroma was closed, despite the fact it was supposed to be open from 12 noon till 5 pm, so we had lunch at Eastgate a Wetherspoons. After lunch we walked down to the River Nene.
The river was up a bit, like with most rivers at the moment with all the rain we have had. In some parts of the country there is a lot of flooding, we are fortunate that there is none of that going on here at the moment.
Keith and I really enjoyed our visit to Northampton, which ended with us buying a new TV for the saloon as our old one has begun to pack up.
Having done everything we wanted to do we headed off to the Grey Friars bus station and sat in Bay 6 for our bus to arrive at 4pm. On the way home we could see in the distance some heavy rain dropping on someone and for us the heavens opened as we got to Milton Malsor, but by the time we got back to Stoke Bruerne the rain had thankfully stopped, because we did not have coats with us. 
Back on the boat, dinner has been eaten and now I have my feet up for the evening.

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