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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day 8 Shackerstone. Almost there.

Lots of activity today on site.
The organisation is amazing, everyone knows their place and everyone is enjoying the whole process it seems.
Well when I say everyone, it seems some are just chilling out ;0).
More boats kept coming. This is Bass.
And yet more boats, in this convoy there were eight historic boats. It was looked like it was going to be a matter of pack um and stack um, because the historic boat moorings were extremely full. In places four abreast, which may make exciting boating for anyone who is not that confident of getting past them all.
Bins have been provided, but no sooner they are emptied they are full again. Caught this one red handed pulled bags with food in them out of the bin near our boat. This is what happens when dog owners allow their dogs to just roam. These two are off a boat. Hoping the bin will be emptied soon.
Rolls anyone?
We have a burger van just over the hedge from us, so we will not go hungry, but I suspect the smell alone will add pounds to may waistline.
Having enjoyed a fantastic day chatting to people, selling a few items and watching the whole site fill up, during the evening we wandered on to the site to see what had turned up and this fantastic engine rolled up.
There is going to be so much to do and see and so the only way to end the evening was to head to the beer tent for a pint. It will probably be the only pint we have there though, because they are charging £3.20 and £3.30 a pint arghhhhh. Still we did partake in a beer and listened to the music on offer for an hour and half. It was then back to the boat for a coffee and then bed. Looking forward to the festival now. So if I do not post it is because I am having to much fun.

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