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Friday, 28 September 2012

May the weekend begin.

Before the weekend gets under way and I am busy chatting, meeting and greeting, I thought I would take a few moments to update you on Stoke Bruerne and the Village at War. It is beginning to take shape.
One tent up.
The tents have been going up. 

Two tents up.
Tomorrow they will be filled with people in war time dress.

Ice Breaker Laplander.
Boats have been arriving over the past couple of days.

The Cheese Boat.
Geraldine and Michael will do a roaring trade over the weekend.

Fudge Boat.
As will Heather and Tony on The Fudge Boat. 

We have moved our boat back a little so we are now in front of Corona. Trevor arrived this morning and it was wonderful to see him and again. Trevor is a mind of information and I could happily sit and listen to his tales all day. 
David has been making sure the historic and working boats have found a space above the locks. 
As today wore on more and more boats arrived, above the locks is nearly full now, so boats may find themselves breasting up if they arrive later this evening.
As for me well I have got my dress and shoes out for Sunday best. Tomorrow I will be wearing my bib and braces and my hair up under a scarf, so if your coming and you spot me, please come and say hello. I managed to get all the brass work cleaned without it raining down on me, I even cleaned the engines brass and copper for Keith. The hoover was put around the boat to get rid of Paddy's hair and the dried grass we seem to have collected. The boat is now all ship shape for the weekend.
Today we had a visit from Adam off of NB Briar Rose. It was nice to see Adam, we had a good old chat over a cup of tea. It was lovely to catch up on his news. Stoke Bruerne is beginning to fill up with bloggers. We have Jayne and Ray on NB No Direction moored in front of us and I know other bloggers are arriving with their boats, so I will post about them when they arrive. 
As the afternoon wore into the evening, I nipped out to take a few photographs and ended up meeting Sean on Laplander, whilst chatting to him I asked if he would like our old engine oil, which he was more than happy to take, so having got back to the boat and taken the oil out of the hold Keith helped me lug it down to Sean, he then poured it into his tank. His steamer runs on old engine oil. Great way for us to get rid of it and free fuel for him. 
It is now dark at 7.465pm, arghhhhhhh the nights are drawing in at an alarming rate and I am now going to put my feet up. Have a wonderful weekend, I know I am going too.

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