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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A bit of a dull start to Sunday, but the hope was the sun would come out from time to time and it did as if on cue.
After a cooked breakfast, which Keith cooked for us, I was on to the first painting jobs of the day. A second coat of Red gloss went on the bow, galley doors, engine room and back cabin doors. I then did a first coat of Black gloss on the bow, this was then left to dry, whilst I got on with making a Spagetti Bolognaise for dinner. It went in the oven to cook and Keith and I got on with putting the lights back up in the galley having finished the ceiling. I put the hooks back up for the galley utensils and pans, stood back and felt very satisfied with a job well done. It is nice though to have the galley back in one piece. A coffee was not called for after all that hard work. I thought Sunday's were supposed to be relaxing?
After a break we got on with cutting some clear film for the galley portholes. I know your wondering why we need to put film on the porthole glass, well we found out at out last Boat Safety Check that our glass is not up to standard and to cure this we were told, we could put sticky film over the glass and this would cure the boat safety issue. So we set about taking out two of the porthole inserts, drawing around the inserts to make sure we got the film the correct size, I then cut the clear film to fit and then placed the film over the glass. I am a little disappointed because, although the packaging say's it is clear, it does not appear to be so and now we have two portholes which are slightly frosted. But at least we comply with the boat safety now on two portholes. At present we have only done two of the portholes to see how the film gets on. I do not see the point in doing the others until I know it is not going to react to damp, heat etc.
Time for lunch and a sit down with a coffee whilst watching "Capricorn One".
I was being a complete fidget and kept finding jobs to do. I get urges to get jobs done, especially when the sun is shining and I just know things have to be done, so I decided to get on and restore the grout in the bathroom. I had bought a tube of grout restorer, which you smooth on over the old grout, which you have cleaned first, you leave it for 3 to 4 hours and then wash off the excess. I found that tube really difficult to handle, as it took a lot of pressure to push the grout up through the sponge, so ended up putting it on with my fingers, this worked much better. I left the new grout on for 4 hours and then with a freezer scrapper, began scraping off the excess, followed by washing the tiles down with a sponge. Hey presto all shiny and white again. A job well done although I say it myself.
As the afternoon wore into the evening, joy of joys "Dowton Abbey" is back on our TV's, it must be Autumn. I do so love that series and will be glued every week Sunday from now on yayyyy.

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