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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Windows Live Writer, is doing my head in.

Arghhhhhhhhh can you hear me screaming?

Well if you cannot you should be, because I am pulling my hair out and it is all due to Windows Live Writer. I have been successfully using it to do my blog for sometime now and very good it was, I say was because it will no longer work on my computer. I cannot even un-install it to try and load it again. Keith has tried all he knows and so have I and nothing, so it looks like I will no longer be using it, unless I can find a solution to my problem.


  1. Jo, Have you tried downloading the free version of Revo Uninstaller and use it to remove Live Writer before attempting a re-installation.
    I've found Revo better than the standard Microsoft uninstaller.

  2. Our laptop installed a windows update at the weekend, following which the dongle wouldn't even connect to the internet. I returned the laptop to the state it was in before the update, and everything was fine. I wonder if the same thing has affected Live Writer?

  3. Which operating system are you using? Try to go to programs, then click on 'Windows Live' from that list. It should ask you if you want to uninstall any of the Windows Live programs or mend them (if you use Windows 7) try first of all to choose repair and then choose Writer. If this still doesn't work, then choose uninstall and then download the latest version of Writer.

  4. Thank you for your messages. I am using Windows XP. I will take on board all your suggestions and give them a try. I have a feeling that maybe I have collected a virus from somewhere.

  5. Technogran. I have looked in my Windows Live and there is no uninstall in there. I am using XP.

  6. If you're having issues with Windows Live Writer, and you need to remove it from your system, the obvious thing to do is go to the Control Panel and select Windows Live Essentials Package, and choose the option change [options can be different based on the operating system- so be flexible].

    To go directly there...
    Start » Run »
    Windows Live Essentials

    Or this...
    Start » Run »
    [XP] C:\Program Files\Windows Live\wlarp.exe
    [Windows 7] C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer\wlarp.exe
    Choose UNINSTALL.

    Or Another way...
    Start » Run »
    msiexec /x {178832DE-9DE0-4C87-9F82-9315A9B03985}

    If you're concerned about your sensitive data, ensure you remove the folders and the path to your posts/drafts from Windows Live Writer.


    I hope this helps...



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