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Friday, 14 September 2012

Bridge 18 to Weedon Bec.

Travelled 2.3 miles in a time of 1 hour 10 minutes.

After lunch yesterday, we walked up to the Heart of the Shires shopping village to see if there was anything new. They do have a new Antique Centre, which we enjoyed a nice wander around. There is everything from Kitchen Ware to Children's Wear and bits in between. I am sure there used to be a butcher there, but he seems to have gone. After a nice stroll in and out of the shops, we wandered back to the boat. During the afternoon as we were watching a DVD, NB Idunno with Gill, Don and Biscuit pulled alongside for a chat. We had not seen them since last Winter, so it was lovely to catch up on all their news and adventures. We will see them later in the year on the Leicester Line.

We left our over night mooring at 8.50am. For an over night mooring and to visit the Heart of the Shires it was fine, but if you not a lover of road and railway noise then staying longer may drive you mad. I tend to ignore those sorts of issues after a while, so slept pretty well, Keith disturbed my sleep with his moaning his sleep. He is suffering from Rheumatism in his shoulders at the moment, this has been going on for most of this year due to the weather and will not get any better as the year descends in to Autumn and Winter.
Fallen leaves are already gathering on the surface of the water.
One very sacred looking teddy bear on the bow of Dee.
We passed by George and Mary looking splendid in the morning sunshine and had a quick chat with Tim, who we will see again at The Village at War Weekend because they are bring George down to it.
Loved this sign.
We arrived at Weedon Bec and found a suitable mooring, which will do us nicely for the weekend.
It looks like we will have some entertainment to go to tomorrow as the village is holding its fete. I have paint jobs to complete over the weekend and other jobs I would like to get done, so we will see just how much I achieve.

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