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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day Three at Crick.

Blimey what a rude awakening this morning by the wind blowing a hooley and the rain lashing down on the roof of the boat. I think we can quite happily say we have enough water now, so could someone please turn the tap off up there for a while.

Having relit the fires when we got back from Northampton yesterday, it was lovely to go to bed warm and wake up warm, although the back cabin stove was allowed to go out over night. It is very mild outside, so no point burning fuel for burning sake. On today’s to do list, hand washing a few items was high on the list, Keith needed to wait for the new battery monitor and shunt which was supposed to be with us yesterday, and would have been if Crick Marina had listened to us. Hand washing was done and hug out on a line on the back counter to blow in the wind. Keith went off over to the marina to wait for our parcel and so whilst he was away I chopped some kindling and filled my wood bucket, after a couple of hours Keith came back empty handed, so I made us some lunch and we waited to hear from the courier. It was a little like watching paint dry, in this case it was waiting for the phone to ring, which thankfully it did, it was the courier letting us know they were two minutes away, so Keith legged it down the towpath. He came back with a new battery monitor and shunt, which will be fitted tomorrow to replace the broken one. Yesterday in Northampton we bought a couple of computer fans, one which was to be fitted to our small freezer, so that was a job we got on with, we manhandled the freezer onto the worktop and Keith connected the fan up, he checked that it worked and then we put the freezer back onto its shelf. The hope is that the fan will help cut down the cooling time, so time will tell.

For those living on the canal, they maybe aware that there is a visitor mooring consultation out at the moment for the south east region. The consultation has laid out plans to cut the length of time boaters can moor at 22 of its visitor moorings. The changes are scheduled to come into operation in April. It is long over due that changes should be made. If you want to have your say then you need to do it before the 1st March. Consultation document.

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