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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday.

The omens were good when I opened my eyes alls I could see was sunshine, so the heavy rain from the Sunday has clearly gone for the time being. This bode well for what we had planned for the day.

First things first though, Paddy needed walking and then both he and Marmite needed feeding, which was done before Keith and I got our breakfast.


After breakfast, I got on with adding another coat of gloss paint to the saloon ceiling, this would be the 2nd coat and a job done. I have the galley and bathroom to do next, but there is no hurry. After that was done, Keith and I smartened ourselves up a little, closed up the boat and headed off into Marbury Village for lunch at The Swan Inn, as we had booked a table for 1pm. Lunch was very nice, I had the Fresh Haddock and Keith had the Steak in Ale Pie, we were highly delighted with the main course, and felt we had enough room for dessert, so I had the homemade rhubarb crumble and Keith opted for his favourite pudding of all time the sticky toffee pudding made to their own recipe. Oh wow I cannot speak for Keith but the crumble was scrummy, but as I got to the bottom of the dish I was somewhat struggling to finish it, so Keith gave me a hand. I can totally and utterly recommend the food at The Swan Inn. Sally, Jonathan and staff made us feel very welcome, I would say book a table because they do get busy, no sooner we had our meals people were coming through the doors and wanting food, so we were glad we booked. After lunch and a pint of Station Bitter, we decided to take a walk around the village to kill some time to the Jubilee Tea Party which Sally and Jonathan were putting on and we had decided to join in with.


The bunting was out and even the telephone box got the bunting treatment.


We walked around by the church overlooking the mere.


We sat in the grounds of the church, just watching the waterfowl on the mere, it was so incredibly peaceful and a very tranquil place to sit and think.


Back at the pub, the Union Jack was flying proudly from the old oak tree on the green and Sally and Jonathan began setting out the tables.


Balloons and flags decorated the tables.


The wind was doing its best to tangle the balloons up.


Drinks for the children was placed on the table in front of the village sign.


The food began to be put in place and people began to arrive.


Sally then opened the Tea Party just after 4pm, which got underway to the sound of "Land of Hope and Glory" blaring from an upstairs window at the pub.


All the food laid on was free, we just had to pay for our drinks. Sally and Jonathan had gone to a huge amount of effort with the food.


There was jelly for the children.


Cakes for all ages and the usual party food of sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks etc.


Keith and I were made to feel really welcome by the locals who were fascinated by our life afloat and how we get on with post, doctors etc. We spent the afternoon chatting to some wonderful folk, as well as tucking into the wonderful spread laid on, although I was still rather full from my wonderful lunch. But when someone has gone to so much trouble you feel obliged to eat something. Later in the afternoon, we were given the news that Prince Phillip had been taken into hospital, and this did change the mood of the party, people were concerned for his health. I found it lovely chatting to complete strangers about their lives in the village and they enjoyed chatting to me about my life on the cut.  The afternoon wore into the early evening and with mog and dog in mind we said our goodbyes just before 6.45pm. Both Keith and I thanked Sally and Jonathan for making us so welcome and for such a wonderful time. Ok we did not spend our Jubilee weekend with throngs of people, we did not feel the need to be at large events, because it is not our thing really, however we did have the most wonderful weekend and the Monday really did top it off as did the sun set I watched as the day drew to a close.


The perfect end to a perfect day.

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