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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Northwich Day 2

I have had the most wonderful day.

It all began with having a cuppa in bed whilst watching TV. Paddy was on the move, which meant he needed to go out, so I was up and about by 8.15am and yep he was desperate, because we had hardly got off the pontoon before he had to wee. Back on the boat Keith had put my breakfast ready for me and so I fed mog and dog before I had my breakfast. Keith fired up the generator at 9am to charge the batteries, once that was done, we walked into town, because I needed to change the bras I bought yesterday, because for some strange reason I got the wrong cup size. I must have been on a different planet when I chose them. Whilst in M&S I decided to try on a pair of Per Una jeans, now I am not into buying expensive jeans, but they fitted like a glove and the length was perfect, so I made the ultimate decision to spend £29.50 on a pair of very comfortable jeans arghhhhh. Keith took our old Samsung Camcorder to Cash Generator and got £10 for it, ok it was not a fortune, but it was only sitting in the cupboard and we could not use it, so £10 was better than nothing.

After shopping we got back to the boat and Mike Carter asked if we would hand out festival leaflets in the town, so after lunch I donned by boatwoman's outfit and Keith dressed up and we were about to head into the town with the leaflets, when Phyllis and Henry arrived on Cactus. Phyllis said she would come and give us a hand, as she knew a lot of people in the town as they have a house there, so after they were moored up, we all headed into the town and started to hand out the leaflets. We went into every shop and left leaflets, and handed out leaflets to people in the street. Because I was dressed up a lot of people came up and asked about my costume and about the festival, so I took the time to explain both to them. We only had a handful of people who refused to even acknowledge we were there. So we are hopeful a lot of people will turn up for the Northwich River Festival over the weekend. Before going back to the boat, we had a coffee which had been well earned. When we got back to the boats, Phyllis and Henry headed off to bring Jim Taylor's boat Empress down the Anderton Lift and to the festival site. Both Phyllis and Henry amaze me with their energy. I was feeling shattered after walking from one end of the town and yet they had moved two boats and Phyllis had walked around the town with us and she was still full of beans.

The day has been a good one, but now I have my feet up ready for watching the England v Ukraine which is on ITV 1, so see you tomorrow.

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