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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wrenbury to between Lee's Bridge No.4 and Martin's Bridge No.3 halfway between Burland & Hurleston on the Llangollen canal.

Our Llangollen Canal trip is almost over with as we get closer to Hurleston Junction. But for another few days we will enjoy this stunning canal.


I woke early hours to hear rain thumping on the roof and thought here it comes, because the forecaster last night on BBC1 had given a forecast of doom and gloom and she was correct, I huddled down beneath the duvet until 7.40am, when I got up and made us a cuppa, the rain was still falling and decisions needed to be made as to whether we would move or not. The decision was, yes we would be moving after all it is just rain. I actually do not mind the rain, as long as I do not get cold with it.

9.45am we left the Wrenbury mooring, with a shared ownership boat ahead of us. I walked up to the Wrenbury Church Lift Bridge and opened it ready for Keith to bring the boat through. By the time we got to Baddiley Lock 1 the boat in front NB Jacaranda was already in the lock, so I went up and helped with the paddles and gates, with no boat to come up, I set the lock for us. At Baddiley Lock 2 again Jacaranda was in the lock, but this time a hire boat on their way back to Wrenbury was coming up, which is always welcome. The family had hired from the Monday and were due back today, they took a short break to see if they liked it. Apparently the first day they found it stressful, as they tried to get to grips with the boat, locks and other boaters, but on the whole they had enjoyed it despite the weather and would do it again. I do love it when people enjoy their holiday, having paid good money to take a boat out.


The rain was still falling but was not quite so hard, so as we headed for the Swanley Locks I ducked down into the cabin to make us a coffee.


Swanley Locks done, we cruised past Swanley Marina.


It appears they have vacant moorings up for grabs.


Another bridge in a desperate state.

By the time we reached journeys end for the day, the rain had almost stopped.


We moored up and I got the saloon chimney out of the hold, along with some wood, because the weather is expected to take a turn for the worst, so I may end up lighting the fire. The plan is to stay put till Monday, so the weather can do its worst.

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