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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Black Horse Bridge, Foxton to Market Harborough.

Foxton Village to Market Harbrough 4.8 miles travelled in 2 hours 15 minutes.

Map image

Yesterday was a quiet day, I went out with my camera in the morning to see what was out there. But it was all quiet on the wildlife front, so I did not get any decent photographs. At 3pm I went with my trolley and stacking boxes along the towpath to meet the Tesco delivery driver, who rang me at 3.30pm to say he was on his way. Not long after he arrived with my food haul. I loaded it into my boxes and having said cheerio to the driver, I pushed my trolley laden down back along the towpath to the boat, where Keith was waiting in the galley to take the boxes off of me, I then had the job of stashing my haul away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. With all three places full to overflowing, we are set for another couple of weeks on the food front.

This morning, after a reasonable nights sleep, we woke to a very chilly back cabin, so having had a warming brew, I got up and lit the back cabin stove, I then took Paddy for his walk hoping I would see the Fox I had seen yesterday on the hill. I even took my camera this time just in case. I did see a Fox, but only saw its back end and tail going through the hedgerow, so not worth a photograph. On the way back to the boat, I could see the fire was well and truly alight.


Breakfast was a nice warming bowl of Porridge each, before we began to get the boat ready for the off.


I said "goodbye" to the horses opposite, who had given me such a wonderful view.

Whilst Keith moved our boat, I walked up to the swing bridge to open it. I met one of our customers Claire off NB Jubilee, so we had a quick natter whilst Keith caught me up. We were soon on our way to Foxton, passing under Johnson's Bridge where part of a tree had been down a few days ago.


The wood had all gone, so nothing for us to pick up. At Gallows Hill we stopped to check the propeller, because Keith thought we may have something on it, whilst he was up to his elbows in the freezing water, I did collect some nice pieces of wood which will need cutting up when they have dried out. Nothing on the propeller, we headed off again towards Market Harborough. I do love coming back, because I always see changes to places and things. Proof that nothing in this life ever stays the same for long.


On the way into Market Harborough at bridge 12, Uncle Tom's Br there was a tree partially blocking the canal, so Keith has spent in a report to BW about that, so they can remove it.

At 11.40 we arrived at The Wharf, Market Harborough, where we winded and pulled into a mooring on the towpath. As we winded in the basin friends moored in the basin all waved at us, welcoming us home. Ok it is not home, but it does feel like it because we did the coal run here for 3 years. We have some very good friends here and a post box, so always love coming back. Normally we would spend the winter here, but due to the water levels being so low, this winter has been spent else where as you have probably read. All moored up, we got chatting to Jenny and Jim on NB Jolly Roger, Viv and David on NB First Fruits then came along to see us, so joined in the conversation, by the time we had put the world to right, it was lunch time.

After lunch we walked down to the dentist to get Keith booked in for a crown (Poor bank balance). He has an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to get some of the work done. We then walked around the town getting a few items, which included something for my poorly wrist. I know typing is not making it any better, but needs must. Along the way we met up with people we know, so caught up on news, we then popped in to see Nina who runs Nina Couture. Nina and her husband Steve have a boat at Crick Marina and is on my Facebook page, so it was nice to finally put a real face to the name. I have to say her shop is beautiful as is Coco her dog, who was very happy to greet us. We spent a while chatting with Nina, before leaving her to get on with her shop. I am quite sure we will see her again.

Having done all we needed to do in town, we walked back to the boat collecting our post from our box on the way. The box was rather full, but most of it was junk mail, so we will be having words with our postman. Christmas came to Hadar once again as we opened up our cards and a calender. We know we still have some parcels waiting to be opened in the office, but we cannot get those until tomorrow.

No TV signal here, so we will be delving into our DVD collection tonight. I am now off to think about something for tonight's dinner.

Chat soon xxxx

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