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Monday, 30 January 2012

A short jaunt.

Map image

Bottom of Foxton Locks to Black Horse Bridge, Foxton village. 0.7 miles, 1 swing bridge travelled in 1 hour 5 minutes.

Another cold start, as the temperature dropped down to -2c over night. I peered out of the porthole and saw a layer of ice on the surface of the water, which told me how cold it had been brrrr.

There was no hurry to do anything this morning, as we did not have far to go, so we leisurely drank our first cup of tea of the day in bed, whilst watching Challenge TV. Marmite were up early running up and down the boat chasing each other, so they definitely had a spring in their steps. The spring in Paddy's step continued as we walked down the towpath for his first walk of the day. Although it was a cold start, it was stunning to see the ice on the canal again.


After Breakfast I sorted out both of the fires and did a general tidy up, before we decided to move over to the water point to take on water at Bridge 1A. It is the only tap they have working from November to March.


Whilst the tank filled with water, Keith got rid of rubbish and emptied one of our toilet cassettes, he also posted a birthday card for a family member, as there is a post box next to the Foxton Locks Inn, which is always very handy. Tank full, I opened the swing bridge whilst Keith reversed the boat. It was then onward to Foxton Village.


We are moored up near Black Horse Bridge, with a view across a field with horses in.


We have moored here before, as we are away from the noise of the road and of the barking dogs in a house on the opposite bank of the canal. They seem to bark at anything and must drive the neighbours mad. With there being no wind, the reflections on the water are stunning today. I may just have to go out and photograph some of the reflections.

Before having had a coffee, I climbed into the hold with the coal scuttle to get in the coal for the back cabin and the saloon stove. Whilst I shovelled the coal, Keith emptied the scuttle into the coal bin in the back cabin, it can take two and half scuttles to fill it, I then filled the scuttle with coal for the saloon fire, so that if it is icy out in the morning, I do not have to do it then. I have baked some bread for lunch, we will be having bacon rolls for lunch. In the back cabin stove there is a Lamb Shank cooking slowly, which we will have for dinner tomorrow. I am not planning on doing much for the rest of the day, so may post later, but may not lol.

Chat soon xx

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