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Monday, 9 January 2012

Onward to Foxton Village.

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Yesterday (Sunday) was another quiet day after our lovely lunch. I got this great photograph of Kane watching the world go by on board NB Endeavour. Kane belongs to Kev and Ann who we have got to know over the past couple of years.


Kane is a like a big teddy bear.

Having spent a nice quiet night on the Foxton Locks Inn moorings, we considered moving, but as we had been warned about a tree being down at Johnson’s Bridge on the Harborough arm, which had to be removed by contractors, we were waiting to see what was going to happen. The last thing we wanted to do was end up sitting at Johnson’s Bridge for weeks, unable to wind as the winding hole is the other side of the bridge. Keith rang Steve Morgan at British Waterways to find out what the situation was.  He was told to speak to Bill the head lock keeper at Foxton as he was handling it, along with many trees that were unsafe in the car park at Foxton locks. Now because Bill works at weekends he has Monday and Tuesday off. Whilst walking back to the boat Keith bumped into Mark who works on the land team, who had just arrived to unlock the locks in Bill’s absence. He very kindly rang Bill, who rang back a bit later, as he was driving, to confirm that the tree had been successfully removed, so we were free to move off, although Bob who runs the Foxton Locks Inn had said we were welcome to stay on the moorings for a couple of days.


With the good news we decided to move off from the pub moorings. I went and opened the swing bridge. We passed Laughing John on his boat and had a few words as we covered the short distance to Black Horse Bridge at Foxton village, which took all of 15mins. We did not moor up near the bridge like we normally do because there was a boat already there, so we are moored further back with a nice view across a field with horses in it all ready for our Tesco Delivery tomorrow. I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, just the usual stuff of cooking, cleaning and seeing to Keith, Paddy's and Marmite's every need.

Chat soon xx

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